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Nebrija ResearchResearch Groups and Centers

The structure on which the University's research work is based are the Nebrija Research Groups. These groups are formed, for the most part, by researchers assigned to the University. Some external researchers who work on common lines also take part.

Research groups are the basis of the university's research activity, they generate most of the scientific production linked to the university, and promote research projects financed with external funds.

The OTRI (Research Results Transfer Office) maintains an official Register of Research Groups.

The University also has two Research Centers, which include recognized experts from strategic specialization areas, in which the university wants to be an international reference point.

Nebrija University is the private university that has received the greatest number of grants to carry out research projects in the last call for projects among Research Groups of Social Sciences and Humanities in the Community of Madrid. Nebrija is the first private university in the number of partnered groups, unlike the rest, and is the only one (together with the CEU) to also coordinate one of the projects awarded.

Main research lines of Groups and Centers
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Mathematics
  • Architecture and Urbanism
  • Tourism
  • Professional Communication and Profiles
  • Microelectronics applied to space
  • Transportation engineering
  • Economics and internationalization of companies
  • Law, Security and International Relations
  • Materials and additive manufacturing
  • Contemporary art and creation
  • Education and cognitive processes

Centers of the School of Languages and Education

Centers of the School ofLaw y International Relations