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Research in Academic and artistic communities

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Nebrija Research Group Research in academic and artistic communities

Acronym: ComAcAr

Summary and Research Lines

Summary:The group's activity focuses on researching the academic and artistic communities from an interdisciplinary approach to the social sciences. The analyses focus on the interactions and dynamics from the more or less autonomous fields of the arts and the academic world. Thus, the approaches seek, for example, to provide knowledge about evaluative cultures, creativity, excellence and other social discourses, both in more or less institutionalized artistic academies and in other academic fields. Furthermore, these analyses are linked to the evaluation of public policies (essentially multi-level cultural policies and educational policies of higher education).

Featured Projects

Creation and studies of the CAAC (Collections and Archives of Contemporary Art) of Cuenca as a methodological model for a research of excellence in fine arts.

  • Reference: HAR2013-48604-C2-1-P, MINECO, 2014-2016
  • Funding entity: Ministry of Science and Innovation

The MIDE/CAAC ethnographic and digital art collections. Management, conservation, restoration and disclosure of its funds.

  • Reference: POII-2014-002P
  • Funding entity: Castilla la Mancha Communities' Board with European FEDER funds (2014-2017)

Capitales europeennes et culture depuis 1945: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris.

  • Convention n°: 2015-1R40203-00004902
  • Funding entity:Région Nouvelle Aquitaine
  • • Execution period: 2015 to 2019.

Political change, new urban cultural policy and social transformation: Towards a post-creative city paradigm? (Post-creative)

  • Reference: RTI2018-096299-B-I00
  • Funding entity:MINISTRY OF SCIENCE, INNOVATION and UNIVERSITIES. State Research Agency


Responsible PR

PhD. Juan Arturo Rubio Arostegui
[email protected] Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar
PhD. Ana Fernández Valbuena Researcher [email protected] Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Ana Colomer Sánchez External Researcher PhD. Patricia Bonnin Arias External Researcher
PhD. Rubén Vega Balbás External Researcher PhD. Joaquim Rius Ulldemolins External Researcher Fuensanta Ros Abellán External Doctoral Student