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Postgraduate Degrees Nebrija University, Madrid, Spain

Academic Offer 2024 - 2025Postgraduate Nebrija

The various postgraduate programs that we offer have been designed by professionals from each area in order to achieve some of the best specializations in the market. For this reason, we are among the TOP 5 of the best Spanish universities according to Forbes University 2021, recognizing the employability and orientation of the studies offered towards the labor market.

Find your Master's degree at Nebrija University in Madrid

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Postgraduate Programs

Nebrija University is a private university in Madrid, committed to educational innovation that guarantees international professional results.

If you want to study a master's degree in Madrid, you are in the right place!

Our studies and postgraduate programs have been developed to provide students with the ideal specialization to achieve the desired career opportunity. Regarding postgraduate programs, it is worth noting the distinction between master's degrees and doctorates.

University Master’s Degrees:

We have a wide range of master's degrees in different areas: master's degrees in the area of linguistics, related to business administration (among which we can highlight the MBA program), educational master's degrees, master's degrees on law (including the Master's Degree in Legal Practice), master's degrees of specialization in the area of communication and journalism, master's degrees on health, as well as for the area of engineering and the automobile industry, etc.


As a private university that is committed to innovation, doctorates are a fundamental part of our academic offer. Among them we have doctorates in Linguistics and Education, doctorate in Security and Risk and Conflict Analysis, doctorate in Economics and Business, doctorate in Tourism and the doctorate in Industrial Technologies.

In addition, at Nebrija we want to guarantee equal opportunities, which is why we offer flexibility in the study methodology by offering face-to-face, blended and online postgraduate courses.

Similarly, we have university scholarships, as well as financing options and loans.

If you are looking for a quality specialization, don't risk it! Come and be part of one of the best-rated private universities.