Master’s Degree in Security and Defense

Pioneer and expert University in the area of Security
CICA – Nebrija Conference with Ángel Expósito
Master’s Degree in Security and Defense

Postgraduate degree in Security and Defense

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Student profile: Graduates of Undergraduate or Associate degrees (or equivalent) of the branch of Social and Legal Sciences (preferably with studies in Law, Criminology, Police and/or Security Sciences, Sociology, Psychology, or Political Sciences, without prejudice to its extension to students with studies from other branches, as long as they accredit contents and competences related to the mentioned areas.

Official Degree:Master’s Degree in Security and Defense

Center responsible:School of Law and International Relations

Branch of knowledge: Social Sciences

Openings available: - Classroom attendance: 45
– Online: 90

Total Credits:60 credits.
. Minimum of 12 ECTS credits and maximum of 60 ECTS credits per enrollment and academic period.

Academic year in which it was implemented: 2014-2015

Duration: 1 academic year.
The sessions will be in the afternoon, from Tuesday to Thursday.

Quality of the degree

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International education with expert institutions in Security and Defense

The Master's Degree in Security and Defense is an official program with high professional placement in Public Administrations and Institutions, large and medium-sized companies, NGOs and international organizations related to security and defense.

Nebrija University is a pioneer in the area of Security, with the launching of the first Undergraduate Degree in Security in Spain, and organizing events such as the CICA (International Conference on Risks and Threats to Critical Infrastructures).

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In university and higher education training, there has been a notable increase in activities related to security and defense. All citizens, whether or not they belong to the public sector, are involved in these concepts and in their development, are interested in the challenges and threats to security in a globalized but very close world. If we consider that almost all of the future leaders of the nation, both in the business world and in Public Administrations, will come from the University world, we think that they should have a clear and rigorous education in these subjects. For this reason, Nebrija University wishes to strengthen its relationship with society by offering quality education in the field of security and defense.

The issue of defense occupies a predominant place in the concerns of our Society. The increase in international crises, the need to resolve such crises on occasions through a multinational force under the umbrella of NATO or the United Nations, the prestige or loss of prestige of their actions and the repercussions for the country of origin, the increase in crime with the consequent need to reinforce security, are commonplace in specialized forums and attract the attention of a very diverse public.

Security has also become a matter of great importance in recent years. Confronted with a profusion of potential dangers, ranging from terrorism to computer viruses, fraud and organized crime, many consider the world an increasingly dangerous place. As a consequence, the attention given to security has been reinforced and the demand for goods and services related to this matter has increased strongly, which has generated a wide and varied range of economic activities, both in the governmental sphere and in the business sphere. That is why the specialization that we offer has not only scientific interest, but also represents a potentially significant demand.

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Official university degree with access to the Doctorate

High employability

The program includes a practical phase and a very intense Final Research Project that allows students to complete their training in real work environments.

Nebrija-Santander Chair on Risk and Conflict Management

Master's degree supported by this ambitious research program and related researchers.

Modality personalized to your needs

The possibility of studying the Master's degree in classroom attendance and distance learning modalities makes it possible to combine personal and professional life with the educational process.


BOE No. 253, of October 18, 2014
All our degrees and curricula have been prepared in accordance with the new guidelines set by current legislation, having already been verified by the National Agency for Quality Assessment.
The student must take 60 credits

Subject 1 New dimensions of Security and Defense

  • 5 ECTS | New Dimensions of Security and Defense
  • 5 ECTS | World, Cybernetics, Security and Defense
  • 5 ECTS | Challenges of Private Security (Elective)
  • 5 ECTS | War and International Humanitarian Law (Elective)

Subject 2 Strategy

  • 5 ECTS | Strategic Analysis applied to Security and Defense
  • 5 ECTS | International Scenarios for Security (Elective)
  • 5 ECTS | International Scenarios for Defense (Elective)

Subject 3 Security and Defense Management

  • 5 ECTS | Management of the human factor in Security and Defense

Subject 4 Analysis of Security and Defense

  • 5 ECTS | Analysis and resolution of international conflicts
  • 5 ECTS | Intelligence for security and defense


  • 9 ECTS | Internships

Final Research Project

  • 11 ECTS | Final Research Project of the Master’s Degree (Compulsory)

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Career Opportunities

The Master 's degree wishes to respond to the growing demand of professionals in the security and defense sector, providing the student with a comprehensive training that allows them to analyze and act in different situations and environments.

The training offered by the Master's Degree responds to the challenges and needs of organizations, institutions and contemporary companies concerned with these matters. Thus proposed, the offer is attractive for a varied list of professionals of very diverse profile: personnel of the State Security Forces and Corps, members of the Armed Forces, professionals of private security, journalists and information professionals, political and economic analysts, company personnel with the function of analyzing risks, internal and international trade professionals, officials and non-permanent staff of International Organizations, individuals interested in security and defense issues that originate in organized societies and in international relationships, etc.

Collaboration Agreements

Ministerio de Interior de España para el desarrollo de prácticas académicas externas

See Official State Gazette (BOE)

Ministerio de Defensa de España para el desarrollo de enseñanzas de posgrado relacionadas con los Cursos que imparte la ESFAS durante el curso académico 19-20

See Official State Gazette (BOE)
image/svg+xml News Security and Defense

Nebrija and Santander Universities present the Chair on Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

The International Conferences on Conflicts and Aggression (CICA) have met for the first time in Madrid. In its 40th edition, CICA has focused on the analysis of the risks and threats that critical infrastructures of any country can face. The sessions were organized by the Nebrija-Santander Chair on Analysis and Conflict Resolution, in collaboration with the Higher Center for National Defense Studies (CESEDEN).

Ángela María Gaitán Navarro
Academic Coordinator at the School of International Relations at the Military School for Cadets in Colombia
alumni “I took the Master's Degree in Security and Defense, through the distance learning modality, and I am really very happy with the decision to have chosen the Antonio Nebrija University to broaden my knowledge, which has allowed me to grow professionally. It was a satisfactory experience and I recommend it. I am currently working as an Academic coordinator at the School of International Relations at the Military School for Cadets in Colombia
Verónica Briseida Batalla Centenera
Security Consultant at Prosegur for clients
alumni “Thanks to the Master's Degree in Security and Defense, I was able to obtain a broader and more specific view of the world of security and defense, taking into account the importance of diplomacy and international relations. I would highlight that, despite being a distance learning master's degree, the best thing is the closeness with the professors; many of them are very involved in modifying their syllabi based on the students' interests, and offered us a more real view of how to deal with the problems that we may encounter upon entering the working world.
Erica Miranda Ortiz

Armed Forces Officer, United States
“A year ago, I was offered the opportunity to study for a Master's Degree in Security and Defense with Nebrija University in the in-person modality, taught in conjunction with the General Staff course at the Advanced School of the Armed Forces of Spain. Today I am very satisfied and proud to have made that decision, and to have met good colleagues and excellent professors. The knowledge I acquired will allow me to orient myself in the future and to be able to perform as a professional.
Javier de la Uz
Doctoral student in Security, Analysis and Conflict Resolution at Nebrija University
alumni “The Master's Degree in Security and Defense at Nebrija University has allowed me to understand in a more profound way different aspects related not only to security, but also to geopolitics and international relations and, in addition, it has motivated me to continue my studies in this field through a doctoral program. I definitely recommend it, not only because of its content, but also because of its teaching staff, which combines a solid academic background with extensive professional experience.
Jorge Negri Roldán

Municipal Police of Madrid
alumni “The Master's Degree in Security and Defense has met all of my expectations. Honestly, I was not very sure about how it was going to be carried out through the online modality, but I can say that it has provided me with a lot of knowledge about Security and Defense. I would like to thank my tutor Andrea Marica for her constant work and her invaluable help throughout the academic year.

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