Unidad Técnica de Calidad de la Universidad Nebrija
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Technical Unit for QualityIncidents, Suggestions and Claims

Within the Internal Quality Assurance System of the Antonio de Nebrija University is the system for incidents, suggestions and claims.

The claims system was created with the aim of attending and responding to opinions, suggestions, incidents and claims of the entire University community, whether it be students, administration and services staff, teaching and research staff or other interest groups.

This allows us to encourage communication and work together in a continuous improvement, organizing the management and review of the incidents that occur in the University.

In this way, the people who are part of the Antonio de Nebrija University community look after maintaining the commitment to carry out quality processes, working in a shared and constant manner on the improvement of our University.

The claims system offers different ways to express opinions, suggestions, incidents and claims:

  • OPINA Service
  • Claims Form
  • Personalized Service Center