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Technical Unit for QualityQuality Coordinator

The Quality Coordinator shares with the Dean, or Director, of each Center the tasks derived from heading it for the Center's quality management and, consequently, ensures that all the people of the Center are involved in carrying out the activities related to the IQAS.

Regardless of the responsibilities that are indicated in the corresponding appointment, or that are subsequently assigned by the QAC, the Quality Coordinator has the responsibility and sufficient authority to:

  • Ensure that the necessary processes for the development of the Center's IQAS are established, implemented and maintained.
  • Control the review and archiving of evidence.
  • Coordination and collection of proposals and improvement actions.
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Annual Report on Results Analysis.
  • Inform the Dean/Director of the Center about the performance of the Internal Quality Assurance System and any need for improvement.
  • Ensure that awareness of the requirements of the IQAS is promoted at all levels of the Center: maintain a fluid dialogue with the Dean/Director of the Center, with those responsible for the degrees and, in general, with all the teaching staff.

Our current Quality Coordinators are:

  • School of Languages and Education: Prof. Dña. Inmaculada Pedraza Navarro - Prof. D. José Carlos Martín Contreras.
  • School of Communication and Arts:Prof. Dña. María Bergaz Portoles.
  • School of Economics and Business: Prof. Dña. Ivana Ambrosio Racic – Prof. Dña. María Elvira Atienza Moyna.
  • School of Law and International Relations: Dña. Mónica Assamá.
  • Higher Polytechnic School: Prof. Dña. Gloria Zarzuelo Puch - Prof. Dña. Marta N. Gómez Pérez - Prof. Dña. Patricia Benítez Hernández.
  • School of Life and Nature Sciences: Prof. Dña. Mercedes Lorena Pedrajas López.