Master’s Degree in BIM and Digital Twin Management

Program based on real projects with insights from actively engaged professionals
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Master’s Degree in BIM and Digital Twin Management

First Master in generating BIM models for digital twins

This exclusive Master's program is dedicated to managing BIM models and creating impactful Digital Twins with a professional approach. We equip our students to spearhead the development of new business models centered around Digital Twins, fostering innovation and adaptability in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Our faculty comprises university professors and industry-leading experts in architecture, engineering, BIM, and Digital Twin Management, ensuring top-tier advanced education.

The curriculum is designed with a clear professional focus, providing a comprehensive understanding of BIM model management and its application in achieving effective Digital Twins. Furthermore, unlike other programs that may focus solely on specific construction typologies (such as building, linear infrastructure, civil engineering, etc.), our program acknowledges the multidisciplinary nature of professional practice. Hence, we aim to train professionals capable of managing diverse and complex projects across various typologies under the BIM methodology.

From a professional standpoint, this Master's program offers a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, shaping a new breed of professionals with exceptional adaptability to navigate real and intricate projects. Equipped with an acute awareness of the evolving landscape of technology applied to construction information models, graduates are primed to continually update their skills in line with technological advancements. This master's degree meets the growing demand for professionals adept at overseeing new construction projects within a digital, dynamic, and evolving milieu. They are capable of assessing the unique requirements of each project and recommending the most suitable technological solutions, considering the specific context and available resources.

Conference by architect Fermín Vázquez

Architects at b720 Studio maintain a sense of calm amidst the whirlwind of projects. They pause, then proceed to resolve. This approach, infused with "excitement, efficiency, responsibility, and sustainability," was advocated by Fermín Vázquez, founding partner, alongside Ana Bassat, from b720, during a conference hosted by Fernando Moral, Director of the Architecture Department at Nebrija University.

"Our Master's in BIM and Digital Twin Management provides a distinctive opportunity to elevate your career in Construction and Project Management. Centered on the creation and administration of comprehensive digital information for intricate projects, as well as making informed decisions, the program goes beyond teaching BIM usage. It also strengthens your project management abilities to spearhead Digital Transformation and uncover fresh business prospects in the construction sector. We offer both in-person and hybrid learning options and collaborate with industry experts to equip you with a competitive edge.
Susana Millán AnglésMaster’s Degree in BIM and Digital Twin Management

Directed and coordinated by

WSP Spain

WSP, one of the world's premier engineering and professional services firms, boasts a global network of over 70,000 professionals. Our mission is to foster a lasting, positive impact in the communities we serve, driven by a culture of innovation, integrity, and inclusion.

Why study the Máster en Gestión BIM y Gemelo Digital

International and Esteemed Faculty

Our faculty comprises experts in innovation, research, and accomplished professionals who provide training based on their own experiences alongside theoretical models.

Hands-On Training

Our curriculum is built upon real projects with insights from professionals actively engaged in the field, offering firsthand insight into the industry's realities.

Partnerships with Industry Leaders

Partnerships with esteemed organizations such as Acciona, Deloitte, EY Consultoría, and PwC validate our training process and provide professional internship opportunities to all students.

Do something unique in BIM and Digital Twin Management

If you want to do something once in a lifetime, start at university.
If you want to transform the world, start with a unique training in Nebrija.


All our degrees and curricula have been developed in accordance with the latest guidelines established by current legislation, and have already been verified by the National Quality Assessment Agency.
Each student is required to complete 60 credits

First Semester 29 ECTS

  • 6 ECTS | BIM Methodology and Emerging Collaborative Environments
  • 3 ECTS | Agile Methodologies, Scrum, and Lean Construction
  • 4 ECTS | Building Modeling Software
  • 4 ECTS | Infrastructure Modeling Software
  • 4 ECTS | BIM Management Software
  • 4 ECTS | BIM Programming
  • 4 ECTS | Blockchain & BIM, AI, and Immersive Reality

Second Semester 31 ECTS

  • 6 ECTS | Digital Twin Project
  • 3 ECTS | Analysis of Digital Business and Emerging Disruptive Applications
  • 4 ECTS | Digital Twin Generation
  • 6 ECTS | Specific Technologies for Digital Twins
  • 6 ECTS | Professional Internship
  • 6 ECTS | Master's Final Project

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Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the Master's Degree in BIM and Digital Twin Management, the student will be able to develop their professional career in:

Collaboration Agreements for Professional Internships

This Master program maintains collaboration agreements for professional internships with some of the leading companies and institutions in the sector, including:

More information about Internships in Companies

Your Master’s Degree in BIM and Digital Twin Management

Visit all the Activities of the Higher Polytechnic School

Launch of the autonomous vehicle

FEM Expert and Nebrija University are combining cutting-edge engineering with other fields such as computer science, ethics, psychology and legal issues related to the essential homologation of the vehicle in this transversal project.

Mathematics and Physics in the digital age

Session where the challenges and opportunities of mathematicians and physicists in the digital age, interdisciplinarity, innovation and technology were addressed, as well as the bachelor's degrees in Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics (and their double degree) launched by the Higher Polytechnic School of Nebrija University.

Nebrija Quantum Connection

In order to reinforce its contribution to the educational field and its commitment to students, Nebrija organized the Nebrija Quantum Connection event, which was attended by numerous Quantum Computing experts in Spain such as INDRA, LANTIK, Amazon, Miltiverse, Quasar, BBVAl, ATOS and QUSIDE, in order to promote its dissemination and present the state of this sector in our country.

Graduation Ceremonies | POSTGRADUATE

On June 16, 17 and 18 we will celebrate the Graduations of the Class of 2022, coinciding with the 5th Centenary of Antonio de Nebrija.

Investiture ceremony of Carlos López-Otín as doctor honoris causa

Nebrija University named biochemist Carlos López-Otín a doctor honoris causa last Friday, November 18, in a ceremony that took place in the Conference Hall of the Madrid-Princesa Campus, and had Cristina Garmendia, president of the Cotec Foundation, PhD in Biological Sciences and former Minister of Science and Innovation, as the sponsor.

Welcome Sessions for the academic year

Nebrija University held Welcome Sessions aimed at new face-to-face bachelor's degree students for the academic year. The sessions took place on September and in them the students got to know the University, professors, departments, facilities and colleagues who will be part of their university life.

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