Master's degree in Motorsport Engineering

With a practical professional orientation
Master's degree in Motorsport Engineering

Master's degree in Motorsport Engineering

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Summary table

Student profile:The program can be accessed by university graduates, as well as technical or higher engineers belonging to the plan prior to the Bologna agreement, preferably in automotive, mechanical, industrial or aeronautical engineering. For other engineering profiles (Agronomists, Mines, Roads, Telecommunications, etc.) or pure sciences (Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics), students must complete, if they have not done so before, prior complementary courses. Students without previous university education will not be admitted, unless they accredit to the admissions department sufficient prior and equivalent experience.

Graduate profile:The graduate profile is that of people capable of understanding from a global point of view the automotive sector in general, and Motorsport in particular, as well as other highly innovative and technologically advanced sectors such as Defense, Aeronautics, Test and calibration, etc.
The training, both theoretical and practical, taught in the program, in such a dynamic, competitive and specific environment as that of automobile competition, allows one to develop and strengthen aspects and abilities such as initiative, critical spirit, teamwork and, especially, competitiveness and optimization ability. brGiven the profile of the students, all of which are already graduates in Engineering Degrees, they also focus on non-technical aspects such as interdepartmental relations, budget management and cash flow management, aspects that are very well valued at present by most companies.
In recent years, we are seeing great changes in most sectors of business activity, and especially in all those related in one way or another to engineering. In the years in which the different editions of the program have taken place, the demand from the Industry for profiles that are sufficiently trained from the technical point of view, but also experienced in the global conception of the companies, has been growing and will surely continue to rise in the coming years. Most non-specialized regulated programs provide more theoretical than practical training and, therefore, are insufficient to enter the labor market in a fast, solid and reliable manner. In the MME, the necessary theoretical training is complemented both with the academic practical work, based on the main software used in the Industry, the projects and cases whose resolution is carried out as a team, practice in National Automobile competitions, with the proper equipment and, finally, the professional internships that all students carry out in companies in the sector.
All this contributes to all graduates of the program so far to have started working in interesting companies, not all of them in the Motorsport sector, both nationally and internationally, before the 6 months following the end of the degree.

Degree:Master's degree in Motorsport Engineering

Type of Degree:University’s Own Degree

Center responsible:Higher Polytechnic School

Branch of knowledge:Engineering and Architecture

Academic year in which it was implemented: 2014

Total Credits:60 credits.
Minimum of 12 ECTS credits and maximum of 60 ECTS credits per enrollment and academic period.

Openings available: 20

Duration: From October to May

Quality of the degree

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Program that trains students for high competition

A master's degree directed to engineers who wish to develop their professional career in the world of high competition, as well as in industrial sectors that require a high degree of specialization in components of technological and innovative vehicles, where technology and innovation are the fundamental pillars.

This program has a decidedly practical approach in order to carry out the profession in high competition teams, without forgetting the other areas of the broad automotive sector, or related sectors in technology and innovation, such as defense and aeronautics.

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Currently the world of motorsport and high competition has been gaining many followers and has generated a new professional aspect for many engineers. This type of work brings together certain values such as: team spirit, competitiveness, high technology, research and methodology.

In the global market in which we operate, motorsport is a sector of high technological content, in clear development and closely related to other highly technified areas, such as the automotive industry, the equipment or components sector, which continuously require highly prepared technicians.

We know that the results of the research carried out in high-competition vehicle engineering, which applies cutting-edge technologies, are subsequently transferred to the automotive industry in general, therefore, students will receive a multidisciplinary training that allows them to be highly competent in the proposed subjects and may know specialized technologies that are not studied in engineering careers, such as: high performance CFD, aero post rig and surface design, data acquisition and simulation, among others.

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Yamaha MS Racing and Nebrija University, an alliance for the future


Nebrija University and Yamaha MS Racing have signed a collaboration agreement whereby the University becomes one of the team's sponsors during the next season of the World Superbike Championship - WorldSBK, in which students from the Higher Polytechnic School will be able to carry out their professional internships.

We are pioneers in the specialization in the motor racing world

With the Spanish School of Drivers

Promoting the creation of mixed competition teams and other initiatives such as Mini N10 and N15, Formula Student, Smartmoto Challenge and Moto Student.

Training for high competition

The master's degree has a curriculum with a strong practical focus of high competition, from the design of components to the management of a department or team, including race track engineering.

Learn from the paddock

You will learn the necessary values such as teamwork, competitiveness, high technology and research from the pit stops themselves.


As a complementary and indispensable part to the training of the future motorsport engineer, seminars and/or master classes on Race Track Engineering will be held. They will consist, among other activities, of sessions with a simulator of competition vehicles in which the driver and engineer (student of the Master's degree) will work as they would work on the track. These practical cases will be supervised by Race Track Engineers of recognized prestige; in the same way the drivers will be professionals. Consult the "PRACTICUM" in the teaching guide for more information.
The student must complete 60 credits

First Semester 27 ECTS

  • 6 ECTS | Aerodynamics / CFD I
  • 6 ECTS | Dynamics of racing vehicles I
  • 3 ECTS | Management of competition teams
  • 3 ECTS | Competition engines
  • 3 ECTS | Data Acquisition and Analysis I
  • 6 ECTS | Advanced CAD

Second Semester 33 ECTS

  • 6 ECTS | Dynamics of racing vehicles II
  • 6 ECTS | Aerodynamics / CFD II
  • 6 ECTS | Internships / FRP
  • 3 ECTS | Race Car Conception
  • 6 ECTS | Chassis and materials
  • 6 ECTS | Data Acquisition and Analysis II

More Academic Information


Career Opportunities

The automobile sector is one of the most globalized, with a work environment that transcends national borders. But this exclusive Master's degree also trains professionals in high employability matters related to technology, design and research.

This program also has a decidedly practical approach in order for you to practice your profession in competitive teams, without forgetting the other areas of the broad automotive sector, or related sectors in technology and innovation, such as defense and aeronautics.

  • Competition vehicles
  • Design, calculation and testing of vehicles
  • Technical administration and management of competition teams
  • Research of innovative components and products


The knowledge taught will be applied in a practical way by carrying out activities and projects within competition teams or related companies.

Description of the educational activities and methodology applied to teaching.
The educational activities in most of the subjects combine master lectures with the intensive use of reference computer programs in engineering (CAD, CATIA, NASTRAN, ADAMS, CFD-STAR CCM+, etc.). It will focus on specific projects.

More Information on Internships in Companies

List of some of the teams in which students from previous editions have carried out internships:

Piedrafita Spania GTA Desguaces Teo Martín Escuela Española de Pilotos (E2P)
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Episode 11 - #ProyectoCitroneta

With the Marelli ECU already fully wired, the front suspension mockup completed and a visit to the manufacturer of safety structures, AST Rollcages, who will accompany us on this adventure, as well as other surprises, we dive into the eleventh episode of this project.

Automotive Engineering at the Nebrija University