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Industrial and Computer Science Technology are of great importance in many areas and are essential for the competitiveness of businesses. The Doctorate in Industrial and Information Technologies includes the lines of research in Industrial Technologies and Information Technologies, where several leading research issues are discussed such as the recovery of energy in vehicles, the analysis and manufacture of new materials and the application of computer science in the spatial environment, among others.

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The research lines of this program have a high potential for labor insertion


Thus, on the one hand, Automobile Engineering is a growing line in Spain. This sector generates approximately 10% of GDP and also represents 17% of the country's exports. Spanish production plants are among the most automated in Europe, with high investment rates. Regarding R&D, the sector has an important network of automotive centers and clusters, with 34 technological centers related to vehicle production.


On the other hand, the line of research in Electronics provides a large number of possibilities for the training of doctoral students and their insertion in the labor market. Technology areas are usually among the most sought out, and where a greater number of well-trained professionals is required. Specifically, Electronics stands out for its great transversality, being present in most industrial applications: from pure computer systems to Space applications, including process automation.


Finally, the same can be said of the Materials line, on which there is an increasing interest from the industry. The Materials profile is one of the most demanded internationally, with a great projection in research, innovation and development matters.

Graduates will be able to develop their professional career in the Research and Development departments of companies related to cars, electronics or materials. Technology or research centers and universities are another career opportunity for graduates of this program.


Activities in Industrial and Computer Science Technology

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They addressed issues such as Intelligent and Innovative Mobility, New Technologies in Cities and Transportation Networks, or Science to Explain the World. Finishing with the Employment Forum in which companies such as Iberdrola, Ikea, Hyunday or Deloitte parcipated.

Coodinator of the Doctorate in Industrial and Computer Science Technology

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Coodinator of the Doctorate in Industrial and Computer Science Technology

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