Master's Degree in Creation, Production and Distribution of Branded Content Continuing Education

Global view of the complete content generation process as a new form of brand communication
Conference by Javier García-Gallo, founder of Soy Olivia Media Group.
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Master's Degree in Creation, Production and Distribution of Branded Content

One of the most demanded professional profiles

Branded Content falls within Content Marketing of an organization, and consists of a new way of communicating and relating the brand to its consumers.

Branded Content has positioned itself as one of the professions with the most future in marketing and digital communication, according to a study by IAB, Top Digital Trends 2021. This report indicates that Branded Content is a trend that is going to consolidate and will evolve into new formats.

The Master's Degree in Continuing Education in Creation, Production and Distribution of Branded Content offers a response to the demand for education in the field of branded content. Its professional orientation is included within communication, advertising and marketing, since these areas today conceptualize branded content as a communication tool in the strategy of organizations.

This exclusive program aims to offer students a comprehensive, advanced and specialized training to effectively face the creation, production and distribution of branded content from its strategic conception, its creative process, the different formats, the production phase, distribution and measurement.

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Until now, branded content actions were organized by professionals in advertising, journalism or audiovisual communication, but the existence of trained professionals with specific training from universities is becoming more and more necessary. For this reason, training in this field is essential to prepare students to be professionals in agencies or production companies specialized in content, or in advertising agencies with branded content departments. In this sense, advanced knowledge is needed in the creative approach and ideation of the content, in the execution and production of the actions, in the channels and platforms in which the content is consumed and its measurement.

However, only 6% of companies have specialized Branded Content teams, so companies linked to generating content will need specialized profiles in its creation, production and distribution.

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A distinctive and renovated venue in an exceptional location.

This hub serves as a convergence point for Communication, Advertising, and the Arts, empowering students to transform their passion into reality.

The School's degree programs will commence at this new Campus for the academic year 2024/25.

Double modality In classrom attendance and online

One more year, Nebrija University students reward the best campaigns of the year, excellence and recognition to the most outstanding protagonists of the sector, in an edition that was attended by Luis Bassat, Toni Segarra and Concha Wert.

Professional internships in the best companies and institutions in the sector


The student must take 60 credits

First Semester 30 ECTS

  • From October to January, both included
  • 2 ECTS | Branded Content
  • 2 ECTS | Content marketing
  • 4 ECTS | Brand territory and points of contact with the audience
  • 2 ECTS | Brands that say something and brands that act (Storytelling and Storydoing)
  • 4 ECTS | Generating ideas and visualizing content: script
  • 4 ECTS | Audiovisual content
  • 4 ECTS | Conversational content
  • 4 ECTS | Editorial content
  • 4 ECTS | Leisure content

Second Semester 30 ECTS

  • From January to June, both included
  • 2 ECTS | The brand as a means of communication
  • 6 ECTS | Content production
  • 4 ECTS | Content distribution
  • 2 ECTS | Measurement, control and effectiveness of branded content
  • 2 ECTS | Legal aspects of Branded Content
  • 2 ECTS | Communication skills and project presentation
  • 6 ECTS | Professional Academic Internship
  • 6 ECTS | Final Research Project

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Labor insertion survey report

University Life in Creation, Production and Distribution of Branded Content

Nebrija Event Awards

One more year, students of the Bachelor's Degree in Corporate Communication, Protocol and Event Organization organize the Nebrija Event Awards. A meeting point between professionals in the sector and the future in event organization.

Investiture ceremony of Toni Segarra as Doctor Honoris Causa

At the proposal of the School of Communication and Arts, Nebrija University has invested publicist Toni Segarra as Doctor Honoris Causa. Considered one of the best copywriters of his generation, the author of mythical slogans such as "¿Te gusta conducir?" (Do you like to drive?) and "Bienvenido a la República Independiente de tu casa" (Welcome to the Independent Republic of your home) was distinguished for his vital contribution to advertising language.

Glosario 109

Glossary 109, neologisms in event organization

Not so long ago, event organization was nothing more than a subject in Marketing or Advertising degrees. Now, the sector has grown so much that it has its own identity. Glossary 109, presented at Nebrija University, aims to collect the 109 most-used terms in the day-to-day organization of events. [Leer más]

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