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Master’s Degree in Marketing and Digital Advertising

100% online modality
Máster en Marketing y Publicidad Digital

Master’s Degree in Marketing and Digital Advertising


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Admission profile: Graduates with analytical and strategic ability, with initiative and great work capacity, with the ability to empathize with a team, adaptable to organizational objectives, with a predisposition to make decisions regarding previous analysis, decisive and quick in the execution of their work and with interest in new technologies as users.

Graduate profile: Professionals trained in the new profiles created after the growth of the Internet and digital environments, such as Digital Project Management or person in charge of web projects, Community Manager or expert in brand optimization, management and positioning in social media, Digital Planner and SEO Consultant. Professionals capable of defining and establishing marketing strategies, creating a corporate or sales website, implementing campaigns (communication, loyalty, promotion) and mastering the necessary analytical means to track and measure their effectiveness, passing through the control of all the resources offered by the Network for consumer knowledge and segmentation.
In the admission process, the academic record and their aptitudes will be assessed through a personal interview with the program coordinator.

Official Degree: Master’s Degree in Marketing and Digital Advertising

Learning center: School of Communication and Arts

Branch of knowledge:Social and Legal Sciences

Places offered:150

Total Credits 60 credits.
Minimum 12 ECTS credits and maximum 60 ECTS credits per enrollment and academic year.

Academic year it was implemented:2012-2013

Type of Teaching: Online

Duration: 1 year.

Quality of the degree

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In collaboration with IAA (International Advertising Association)

The Master's degree in Marketing and Digital Advertising trains professionals specialized in communication, marketing and digital advertising capable of making strategic decisions in this market, which is now irrevocably online.

This 100% online program allows students to combine their professional activity with the academic one without having to travel to the university. The exams are taken through the Virtual Campus, as well as the presentations, paper submissions and even the dissertation for the Master's Final Research Project.

The course structure is oriented so that the student can reconstruct the whole process of internet communication and marketing: definition of objectives, strategies for the creation of a corporate or commercial website and the development and planning of campaigns.

Thus, the student acquires skills in essential areas such as web analytics, search engine positioning (SEO / SEM), Social Media Management, Customer Relationship Management, Mobile Marketing, creativity and web design, web architecture and e-commerce.

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The program has a professional approach aimed at acquiring the advanced knowledge, tools, skills and abilities necessary to successfully carry out the work as marketing and advertising experts within the digital environment. All the professors have accredited professional experience in their teaching area. In this line of training, the Final Research Project consists of submitting a complete digital communication plan where the student will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the course to a practical case, for which specific training sessions will be implemented, also counting on the personalized attention of a tutor.

IAAThe collaboration with IAA (International Advertising Association) results in training that is very much associated to the professional world and the needs of the area, and facilitates, among other things, internships in communication companies, media and advertisers, members of the IAA Association in 76 countries.

Daniel Casal

President of IAA (International Advertising Association)

“One of the major concerns of the International Advertising Association is the future of our sector, and one of the basic pillars on which to build it is the training of the professionals that will be part of it. With the Master's Degree in Marketing and Digital Advertising of Nebrija University, we guarantee a training adapted to the needs of today's commercial communication industry, with a quality level that is above the average”.
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Extensive professional internship program at IAA

Master’s degree that is taught 100% online

The distance learning modality eliminates any barrier in education, making personal and professional life compatible with studies.

We train professionals

The close collaboration with our partner IAA extends to all areas, from the design of the curriculum to the teaching staff, from academic activities to the internship program.

High employability

The program has a professional approach aimed at acquiring the advanced knowledge, tools, abilities and skills necessary to successfully carry out the work of marketing and advertising experts within the digital environment.

Plan de Estudios

BOE No.6 January 7th 2012
Todas nuestras titulaciones y planes de estudio han sido elaborados conforme a las nuevas directrices marcadas por la legislación vigente, habiendo sido ya verificadas por la Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad.
The student must complete 60 credits

First Semester 24 ECTS

  • 4 ECTS | Online Marketing
  • 4 ECTS | Web Architecture
  • 4 ECTS | Digital Advertising
  • 4 ECTS | Search Engine Optimization: SEO and SEM
  • 4 ECTS | Social Media and Content Management
  • 2 ECTS | ICT Tools
  • 2 ECTS | Web Measurement and Analytics

Second semester 36 ECTS

  • 4 ECTS | Electronic commerce
  • 2 ECTS | Mobile Marketing and New Online Trends
  • 2 ECTS | Digital Design and Creativity
  • 4 ECTS | CRM, Consumer Research and Online Reputation
  • 4 ECTS | E-Marketing Strategy and Online Media Planning
  • 2 ECTS | Legal Framework, Regulation and Professional Ethics
  • 2 ECTS | Affiliate Marketing
  • 2 ECTS | Webinar on Analytics in Social Media
  • 4 ECTS | External Internship
  • 10 ECTS | Final Research Project

More Academic Information


Career Opportunities

The teaching staff of the School of Communication and Arts is formed by professionals from each field of specialization, who carry out a teaching method based on the conviction that what we learn, we learn by doing it.

The integration with the profession is based on the incorporation of professionals as associate professors in each program, in a teaching methodology inspired by the learning by doing proposal which carries over into the experiential aspect in the classrooms and into the activities of academic extension.

The Master's Degree in Marketing and Digital Advertising - IAA has a close relationship with IAA, the International Advertising Association, the only global association in the advertising sector, which is a partner of the degree.

The program trains students to pursue professions such as

  • Director of digital communication of a company or organization, responsible for the area of digital communication and leader in the direction and implementation of the online communication plan, being able to adapt it to the global organization.
  • Digital communication manager, expert in the strategic management of image and digital communication, online reputation and relationship with bloggers, social networks, portals, and other websites.
  • Director of e-Marketing, responsible for planning and strategic development of online marketing campaigns in the company or organization.
  • Responsible for web projects or Digital Project Management, responsible for the creation, development and execution of web projects, as well as Master's Degree website or web content manager.
  • Community manager, a position of enormous demand at present, which responds to the professional profile of an expert in the optimization, management and positioning of the brand in the media or social networks.
  • Digital planner or responsible for planning and advertising strategy in digital media.
  • SEO, SEM Consultant. Person responsible for the organic or natural positioning of the brand in search engines in order to obtain traffic on the brand website and as an expert in Paid Search (SEM and CPC).


Nebrija University has signed a Collaboration Agreement regarding internships for training and employment with nearly 3,000 companies and institutions, to promote the practical training of all its students and the approach to the professional environment and first job of university graduates.

Companies in agreement with the Nebrija University regarding internships

"La comunicación tiene hoy un papel relevante en la sociedad pero en los próximos años será una disciplina esencial para cualquier organización."
"Communication today has a relevant role in society but in the coming years it is an essential discipline for any organization."
Marta Perlado Decana de la facultad
Marta Perlado Dean of the School
Marta Perlado
Facultad de Comunicación y Artes
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Master’s Degree in Marketing and Digital Advertising

100% online program with high-employability that trains students in the field of digital economy, a sector that grows year after year, and is becoming one of the main engines of economic growth.

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