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School of Communication and Arts

"Communication today has a relevant role in society but in the coming years it is an essential discipline for any organization."
Marta Perlado Dean of the School
Facultad de Comunicación y Artes

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"Learning by doing" philosophy, experience the profession by exercising it

Our students work in the organization of events (the Festival of Youths Touched by Advertising and the AdN Short Film Festival, among others), they experience the effectiveness of teamwork and practice communicative skills on a daily basis in all their dimensions.

The curricula include practical subjects directly related to the professional training in the first academic year and our programs attend to the professional profiles demanded by the current sector.

Committed to our students' objectives

Our commitment is to form a successful team with the student and to achieve his/her goals, which will also be ours. We have professional teachers from the sector who promote an innovative teaching methodology, dynamic and participative teaching, with facilities designed for the student's professional development (television set, radio studio, multimedia rooms and design and post-production laboratories).

Marta Perlado Dra. Marta Perlado Lamo de Espinosa Dean of the School of Communication and Arts

Organisational structure

Marta Perlado

Marta Perlado Lamo de Espinosa

Decana Dean

Departamento de Publicidad Advertising Department
Fernando Toledano Cuervas Mons

Fernando Toledano Cuervas-Mons

Director del Departamento de Publicidad Head of the Advertising Department
Gema Barón

Gema Barón Dulce

Directora del Grado en Marketing Head of the Bachelor's Programme in Marketing
Departamento de Comunicación Communications Department Departamento de Artes Arts Department Departamento de Investigación Research Department
Carlos Jiménez Narros

Carlos Jiménez Narros

Coordinador Investigación Facultad de Comunicación y Artes School of Communication and Arts Research Coordinator
Luis Miguel Pedrero Esteban

Luis Miguel Pedrero Esteban

IP Grupo de Investigación Nebrija: Innovación en Comunicación y Medios IP Nebrija Research Group: Innovation in Communication and Media
Amelia Meléndez Táboas

Amelia Meléndez Táboas

IP Grupo de Investigación Nebrija Estudios Transversales en Creación Contemporánea Nebrija Cross-sectional studies in Contemporary Creation Group Research Main Researcher
Departamento de Prácticas Internships Department
Rocío Gago Gelado

Rocío Gago Gelado

Coordinadora prácticas Comunicación y Publicidad Communication and Advertising Internships Coordinator
Sara Quintero Pomares

Sara Quintero Pomares

Coordinadora prácticas Artes International Coordinator
Departamento Transversal Cross Curricular Department
Elena Borau Boira

Elena Borau Boira Coordinadora Internacional International Coordinator

María Bergaz Portolés

María Bergaz Portolés

Coordinadora Calidad Quality Coordinator



Official Double Bachelor's Degrees


** Compulsory Diploma


The academic staff of the Faculty of Communication and Arts is composed of both full-time and part-time faculty members.

Most full-time faculty are holders of doctorates with a keen dedication to teaching and research. These faculty members specialise in domains relating to the qualifications awarded by the Faculty, such as journalistic writing/editing, specialised journalism, history of the media, design, creativity, audience research, media planning, and research implementation, production and methodology.

Part-time faculty members are usually practising professionals currently tied to media groups and they teach more on-the-job subjects and workshops.

The hallmark of the Faculty of Communication and Arts is that it takes a preeminently practical approach to its programme, close to the occupational reality. It is therefore important that its faculty members have wide-ranging professional experience, and are able to transmit and leverage that knowledge in the lecture room.

The subjects taught in English are the responsibility of specialised faculty members, while staff in charge of the Professional Skills Seminars are experts in the realm of communications and executive skills.


Research Groups

The School devotes part of its effort to research tasks, as a fundamental complement to teaching. These tasks are structured around the existing Research Groups, which are part of the official register of the University, and which materialize in research projects with companies and public institutions of the sector.

Consult here the lines of activity and research groups


The School’s professors usually publish publications related to their research as an essential part of their activity at the University.

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