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Bachelor's Degree in Marketing

Program at the forefront of new trends and digital environments
Conference by Silvia Docampo, Marketing Manager of Coca–Cola
Bachelor's Degree in Marketing

Bachelor's Degree in Marketing


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Summary table

Student profile: Students who wish to work in the field of marketing and communication, market research or any other area of the company that requires a professional profile aimed at commercial communication. People with analytical skills, with an organized, planning and strategic mentality, who are decisive, who have ease for teamwork and to adapt to changes and unforeseen events; people who are not afraid of taking risks and with a predisposition to make decisions about previous analysis.

Graduate profile: Our students will be able to effectively perform the tasks of marketing and commercial communication in companies and institutions, such as market analysis, specialized consulting, strategy and product policy management, pricing and distribution, communication in real and virtual markets and the organization and direction of Marketing departments. They will use the terminology of this activity, integrate new technologies into their daily activities, master the most current marketing techniques and communication strategies and tools, being able to design and implement the marketing and integrated communication plans of organizations.

Official degree: Bachelor's Degree in Marketing

Learning center:School of Communications and Arts

Branch of knowledge: Communication and Arts School

Places offered: Classroom attendance: 40 Online: 100

Total Credits: 240 credits.
Minimum 12 ECTS credits and maximum 90 ECTS credits per enrollment and academic year

Academic year it was implemented: 2013-2014

Languages: This degree is taught in Spanish and English. In the curriculum, subjects are offered in English and will lead to obtaining a Bilingual.
Diploma. English level required at admission: A1

Teaching type: Classroom attendance and Online

Academic Regulations: General student’s regulations. Credit transfer and recognition. Regulation of student participation.

University Services: [+info]

Quality of the degree

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Complete education based on the simulation of real cases

The new Bachelor's Degree in Marketing includes the most innovative commercial communication trends and techniques and adapts to the demands of a market in constant evolution, and which is increasingly globalized and in full digital transformation.

This exclusive program encourages the development of the necessary processes to start and manage a business on the Internet, to communicate, relate to and keep new consumers in the network, as well as to work in a global and international environment, great knowledge about big data and consumer experience.

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Marketing is a very broad discipline that integrates and combines numerous activities among which are market research, product and brand development, pricing strategies, creation, maintenance and incentivation of distribution channels and marketing, communicative actions and institutional communication.

This new curriculum is an advance in the education of marketing as it enhances the relationship and experience with the consumer, the digital approach, internationalization and the weight of strategic brand communication. It has subjects such as: CRM and Customer Analytics, Experiential Marketing (Customer Experience), Business Intelligence and Big Data analysis, Mobile Marketing, Retail Marketing, International Marketing, Brand Management and Storytelling and branded content, among others.

The qualifications related to the field of marketing have emerged as a profession with high demand and positive expectations of employability for the future, so we prepare you so that, in addition to up-to-date and specialized marketing knowledge, you know how to make a presentation in public, you have the capacity to negotiate, you can express and communicate effectively, write a report correctly and measure the risk and the different variables in strategic decision making within a company. We know how necessary content is, as well as the skills and abilities required by the current market.

The Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Nebrija University trains and prepares our graduates to practice their profession with full guarantees in a market in full transformation. The objectives to be achieved in the program are:

  • Knowledge about the sociocultural, political, business and economic environment, which is framed by the marketing expert's professional career, as well as the techniques and tools necessary for professional performance.
  • Boosting analytical, critical and interpretative ability, in order to provide effective solutions in highly competitive business markets, and a strategic mentality that allows them to make decisions efficiently.
  • Promotion of the students' communication skills with the intention that they use language and argumentation effectively and correctly in the field of their professional activity.
  • Respect for the professional activity of fundamental rights and the regulations that mark the area of Marketing.
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Innovative education aimed at commercial communication

Company internships

Banco Santander, BMW, Telefónica and Microsoft are some of the partners of this Undergraduate Degree, validating the quality of the curriculum and where students can perform their professional internships.

Perfect complement

The Bachelor's Degree in Marketing represents an ideal complement to other degrees that expand the professional range of our graduates, such as Advertising and Public Relations, Tourism, and Business Creation, Administration and Management.

Innovative curriculum

This new curriculum is an advance in the education of marketing, as it enhances the relationship and experience with the consumer, the digital approach, internationalization and the weight of strategic brand communication. It has subjects such as: CRM and Customer Analytics, Experiential Marketing (Customer Experience), Business Intelligence and Big Data analysis, Mobile Marketing, Retail Marketing, International Marketing, Brand Management and Storytelling.

image/svg+xml Broaden your education
Diploma in English Professional Skills

Nebrija University, which is strongly committed to languages and quality, provides the student with an academic certification in English, a suitable complement to obtain the B2 and C1 levels.

More Information of the Diploma

Subjects in Professional Competencies

Promotion of competencies oriented to employability, management skills, coaching, personal branding and any other topic related to professional and social development, which may be chosen by the student to enrich their personal and professional training.

The University puts within the students' reach a total of three subjects to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become a competent professional within the demands of the current labor market.

Interdisciplinary Learning Courses
Interdisciplinary Learning Courses We train our students in interdisciplinary studies from the first day

Since the 2019-2020 academic year, we offer a program of interdisciplinary subjects or ILC (Interdisciplinary Learning Courses) per year, with diverse contents, which broadens the curriculum of the students, trains them in other disciplines and allows students from different areas to meet each other.

Each academic year, students in face-to-face bachelor's degrees can choose two ILC subjects with 3 ECTS credits, one per semester, out of the 30 subjects offered each course. Some are taught in English and others in Spanish.

Why wait to discover the professional and interdisciplinary world if you can start experiencing it at the University?

Choose your Interdisciplinary Learning Courses

Study Marketing

Elevate your creativity to infinity with the University's Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. Become the most prepared professional in digital advertising and marketing alongside the best professionals in the sector.


Our curriculum has been prepared in accordance with the new guidelines set by current legislation, having been verified by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation.
The student must take 240 credits

First year 60 ECTS

  • First Semester 30 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | Fundamentals of Marketing and Communication
  • 6 ECTS | Consumer behavior
  • 6 ECTS | Fundamentals of Economics
  • 6 ECTS | Competence Development Seminar I
  • 6 ECTS | Applied Statistics

  • Second Semester 30 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | Communication Structures
  • 6 ECTS | New technologies and the information society
  • 6 ECTS | IT Applied to Marketing
  • 6 ECTS | Finance for Marketing and Communication
  • 6 ECTS | Product Policy and Prices

Second year 60 ECTS

  • First Semester 30 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | Brand Management
  • 6 ECTS | Distribution and Trade Channels
  • 6 ECTS | Decision-making Tools
  • 6 ECTS | Legal Framework Applied to Marketing and Communication
  • 6 ECTS | Company Analysis

  • Second Semester 30 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | Market Research
  • 6 ECTS | SStrategic Brand Communication
  • 6 ECTS | Online Marketing
  • 6 ECTS | Audience Research
  • 6 ECTS | Development of Professional Competences II

Third year 60 ECTS

  • First Semester 30 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | Strategic Marketing Management
  • 6 ECTS | Media planning
  • 6 ECTS | Retail Marketing
  • 6 ECTS | Digital Communication
  • 6 ECTS | Development of the Participatory and Solidarity Spirit

  • Second Semester 30 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | CRM and customer analytics
  • 6 ECTS | Online Marketing
  • 18 ECTS | Development of Business Skills

Fourth year 60 ECTS

  • First Semester 36 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | Business Intelligence and Big Data Analysis
  • 6 ECTS | Storytelling and brand contentStorytelling y contenidos de marca
  • 6 ECTS | Electronic commerce
  • 6 ECTS | Mobile Marketing
  • 6 ECTS | Competence Development Seminar IIIinglés o español

  • Second Semester 24 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | Marketing and Entrepreneurship Models
  • 6 ECTS | Modern Languages
  • 6 ECTS | Innovation in Product and Service Design
  • 12 ECTS | Final Research Project

More information about these subjects

Competence Development Seminar 18 ECTS

  • 6 ECTS | Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Teamwork Workshops.
  • 6 ECTS | Teamwork and Project Management Workshops
  • 6 ECTS | Leadership and Negotiation Workshops
Development of the Participative and Solidarity Spirit 6 ECTS

The recognition of 6 credits will be arranged according to the different activities that the student carries out throughout his/her degree. They will be awarded for cultural activities, sports, student representation, solidarity and cooperation, and/or to attend one of the following subjects: Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Eval. of the Development of Skills in the Company 18 ECTS

A program whose objective is to favor the practical training of the students, under the continuous supervision of the Department of Professional Careers of the University, the academic department corresponding to the degree and the company or collaborating institution where the internships are carried out. We provide advice on the choice of internships and follow-up and tutoring, always considering the professional orientation of each student.

More information on Internships in Companies
Final Research Project 12 ECTS

This project involves the development of research tasks regarding different subjects by the student under the advice of one or several professors of the Department and, occasionally, professionals from the business world. For this, the student has the possibility to choose a project from among those offered.


  • inglés o español Choose between English/Spanish
  • inglés Compulsory in English
  • bilingüe Subjects in English that will lead to obtaining an accrediting Diploma
  • Basic Education
  • Compulsory
  • Electives
  • External Internships
  • Final Research Project

Former Curriculum

First year 60 ECTS

  • Curriculum in process of extinction

Second year 60 ECTS

  • Curriculum in process of extinction

Third year 60 ECTS

  • First Semester 30 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | Strategic Marketing Management
  • 6 ECTS | Digital Communication
  • 6 ECTS | Development of the Participatory and Solidarity Spirit
  • 6 ECTS | Media planning
  • 6 ECTS | Retail Marketing

  • Second Semester 30 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | Online Marketing
  • 6 ECTS | CRM and customer analytics
  • 18 ECTS | Eval. of the Development of Skills in the Company

Fourth year 60 ECTS

  • First Semester 30 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | Mobile Marketing
  • 6 ECTS | International marketing
  • 6 ECTS | Competence Development Seminar IIIinglés o español
  • 6 ECTS | Business Intelligence and Big Data Analysis
  • 6 ECTS | Storytelling and brand contentStorytelling y contenidos de marca
  • 6 ECTS | Electronic commerce

  • Second Semester 30 ECTS
  • 6 ECTS | Experiential marketing (Customer experience)
  • 6 ECTS | Innovation in product and service design
  • 6 ECTS | Final Research Project

More Academic info


The International Mobility Office of Nebrija University makes a constant effort to monitor the agreements with the most prestigious universities. Students can study at one of the following foreign universities:

País Universidad
Alemania Germany SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences
Argentina bandera Argentina Universidad de Ciencias Sociales y Empresariales (UCES)
australia bandera Australia University of Technology Sydney
BrasilBrasil ESPM
EEUU bandera United States of America Drake University
Montclair State University
Rider University
San Diego State University
University of Miami
Belmont University
Hong KongHong Kong Lingnan University
Italia Italy Universitá degli Studi del Molise
Holanda bandera Netherlands Hogeschool Ultrecht
Fontys University of Applied Sciences
Inglaterra United Kingdom Regent's University London

NOTA: The host universities offered by degree may vary according to the International Mobility Program. For more up-to-date information, students can consult the online information in the International Mobility Program.

Several universities have special academic or linguistic requirements. For more information, consult the Department of International Programs.


Career Opportunities

The teaching staff of the School of Communication and Arts is made up of professionals from each field of specialization, who develop a teaching method based on the conviction that what is learned, is learning by doing it.

The integration with the profession is based on the incorporation of professionals as associate professors which endorse each program, in a teaching methodology inspired by the proposition “learning by doing”, which is seen in the experiential aspect in the classrooms and in the academic extension activities.

The Bachelor's Degree in Marketing has a collaboration agreement with some of the best companies and institutions in the sector, such as Telefónica, Banco Santander, BMW and Microsoft, where students can carry out their professional internships and thus obtain solid work experience of maximum demand.

The Bachelor's Degree in Marketing trains young people whose professional future will be that of:

  • Marketing manager.
  • Product manager.
  • Brand manager.
  • On and offline marketing consultant.
  • Consumer behavior analyst.
  • Expert in market research and techniques.
  • CRM Technician.
  • Person responsible for electronic commerce.
  • Person responsible for e-marketing and strategic planning and development of online marketing campaigns in the company or organization.
  • Director of communication or advertising.
  • Brand communication consultant.
  • Account manager in advertising agencies.
  • On and offline planner or person responsible for the strategic planning of brand communication in advertising agencies.
  • Entrepreneur.

Employability recognized in the Rankings

The commitment of Nebrija University to the academic requirement, training in leading companies and institutions, innovation in multidisciplinary programs and international projection, places the University in the top positions of the most important rankings.

The International Ranking QS Stars awards Nebrija University the maximum score in the quality and satisfaction of students in teaching, employability of the graduates and the internationalization of the institution.

The national rankings also recognize Nebrija University as the first Spanish university in teaching and second in employability, highlighting its performance in research, knowledge transfer and internationalization.

Development of Professional Competences

The Bologna Declaration formalized the principles on which the European Higher Education Area should be based: quality, mobility, diversity, competitiveness and employment growth.

From this, Nebrija stands as an academic model of reference, educating students with excellent individual behavior, interaction with their environment and motivated by and for constant and continuous training. The Nebrija Institute of Professional Skills works every day to achieve the differentiation of our students through the development of attitudes and skills.

The main objective is for students to achieve the best of themselves through the development and empowerment of their personal skills and resources through personal self-knowledge.

In addition, some of the professional skills that are worked on within the three seminars are those related to interpersonal skills and active communication skills and negotiation, indispensable for our students to know how to transmit ideas, to argue them, to provide information and opinions in an adequate, clear and convincing way.

Within what will be their work performance, other aspects such as teamwork, conflict resolution and project management ability will be worked on.

In the third block, skills worked on are those aimed at increasing the student's employability. They will work with tools and techniques for job searching, and perform tasks that achieve in the student a greater use of their personal skills.

For all this we have currently active experts in selection of people, professionals dedicated to personal and professional training and professionals dedicated to the world of communication and the arts.

In this way, and in a complementary way to his/her specific training, we help the student create a differentiating pattern in the social and business environment in which he/she will be immersed when he/she finishes his/her studies.

More information

"La comunicación tiene hoy un papel relevante en la sociedad pero en los próximos años será una disciplina esencial para cualquier organización."
"Communication today has a relevant role in society but in the coming years it is an essential discipline for any organization."
Marta Perlado Decana de la facultad
Marta Perlado Dean of the School
Marta Perlado
Facultad de Comunicación y Artes
image/svg+xml News in Marketing

Communication and Arts Week 2020

The School of Communication and Arts of the University once again organized its thematic week, with outstanding activities and presentations. Risto Mejide, Pepa Bueno and Adriana Ozores were some of the distinguished personalities who came to our Madrid-Princesa Campus.

3rd Nebrija Marketing and Digital Advertising Conference

Conference organized by the School of Communication and Arts with the presence of Fernando Polo, from Territorio Creativo; and Ángel Guirao, of Shackleton.

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