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Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession

Program that enables one to practice law in Spain
Amplía información Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession

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Student profile: The profile sought is that of a graduate in law, or its equivalent, as established by the regulatory standard. We evaluate qualities that allow us to foresee their good integration in the group, such as ability for dialogue, an open mind, willingness to share and actively participate in the course, etc. The program is enriched thanks to the varied origin of its participants because it favors knowledge of the management of international companies and intercultural exchange.
In order to access this Master's Degree, it will be necessary to hold an Undergraduate Degree in Law, or another equivalent Degree that meets the requirements established in Article 3 of the Organic Law Regulation 34/2006, of 30 October, on the access to the professions of Lawyer and Attorney of the Courts, approved by Royal Decree 775/2011, of June 3 or, as the case may be, of substitute certifications.
Applicants with degrees obtained abroad must hold the credential accrediting its homologation, or if applicable, have obtained the undergraduate degree in Law in a Spanish University after the corresponding process of recognition by the respective university.
Applicants must meet this requirement prior to admission to the specialized training course for access to the Legal profession, in accordance with Royal Decree 775/2011, of June 3, which approves the Organic Law Regulation 34/2006, of October 30, on access to the professions of Lawyer and Attorney of the Courts.

Graduate profile: The graduate profile is the following:

  • Practice the Law profession and be able to successfully pass the examination of the Ministry of Justice for access to the legal profession.
  • Provide our graduates with an exceptional education, provided by professionals and professors of recognized prestige in the world of Law based on respect for deontology and the values of the practice of the profession.
  • Graduates with additional training provided through a specialization plan in Regulatory Compliance, acquiring the competences of Compliance Officer and Data Protection Officer with ad hoc training.
  • In summary, our graduates are people capable of passing the State exam (100% success rate) and with a level of employability greater than 90%.

Official Degree:University Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession

Center responsible:School of Social Sciences

Branch of knowledge: Social and Legal Sciences

Openings available: Classroom attendance: 70 – Distance learning: 600

Total Credits:90 credits.

Academic year in which it was implemented: 2013-2014

Duration: 18 months, from September to February, intake in September. 18 months from April to September, intake in April

Type of Education: Classroom attendance and Distance learning

Academic Regulations: General student’s regulations. Credit transfer and recognition. Regulation of student participation.

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Program with Specialization Plan in Regulatory Compliance

Faculty made up by partners from the best legal firms, registrars and legal advisors of large companies: Baker&McKenzie, Broseta, Écija, MAIO, Martin Molina, Ramón y Cajal, ADIF and BNP Paribas, as well as the collaboration of prosecutors, magistrates, ex-ministers and lawyers of the State's Legal Bodies.

Together with the innovative curriculum of the Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession, students will complement their education with an ambitious specialization plan in Regulatory Compliance, acquiring the competences of a Compliance Officer and Data Protection Officer.

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Nebrija University's Law School reinforces its international presence with collaboration agreements with the most prestigious academic networks in the world.

The University Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession at Nebrija University is characterized by having the most advanced legal program, which reflects the years of experience in the professional practice of law of its selected teaching staff.

It is a Master's degree created by and for lawyers, with an innovative program for its online or classroom attendance, with materials created by active professionals and academics, as well as updated content taught by professors and tutors that are part of the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid.

A practical program, in which the important alliances both with the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid and the most important law firms and Spain stand out.

It is a Master's Degree in Access to Advocacy recognized throughout the European Higher Education Area, that opens the doors to both Doctoral research specialization and properly qualified professional practice, as it is recognized as enabling training for the purposes foreseen in the current Law 34/2006 of October 30, on the access to the professions of Lawyer and Attorney of the Courts.

This Master's Degree in Access to the Legal Profession is aimed at those students who wish to acquire the skills and professional knowledge most demanded by law firms and that is essential to practice the profession, with guaranteed success.

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100% success rate in the access exam to the Legal Profession

Professional faculty

Expert teaching staff, mix of professionals and academics, which validates the curriculum and guarantees the program’s updating and rigorousness.

Lex How exam simulator

This is the only official Master's Degree in Spain with this innovative program that guarantees success in preparing for the Ministry of Justice's exam.

Professional internships

The agreements that the university maintains with the most important legal firms and companies allow the Master's degree students to be trained in the day to day of what will be their future profession.


BOE No. 187, of August 6, 2013
All our degrees and curricula have been prepared in accordance with the new guidelines set by current legislation, having already been verified by the National Agency for Quality Assessment.
The student must take 90 credits

First semester 30 ECTS

  • From October to January, both included
  • 2 ECTS | Professional deontology
  • 2 ECTS | Interpersonal skills
  • 2 ECTS | Probationary methods and techniques in the judicial protection of rights
  • 1 ECTS | Strategic management applied to defense
  • 2 ECTS | Alternative dispute resolution systems
  • 1 ECTS | Legal research techniques
  • 1 ECTS | Teamwork techniques
  • 1 ECTS | Analysis techniques and processes
  • 5 ECTS | Case Classroom
  • 1 ECTS | Organizational environment and billing
  • 1 ECTS | Professional legal framework
  • 4 ECTS | Tax Law
  • 3 ECTS | Private International Law
  • 4 ECTS | Criminal law

Second semester 30 ECTS

  • From January to June, both included
  • 3 ECTS | Administrative Law
  • 3 ECTS | Community Law
  • 4 ECTS | Civil Law
  • 3 ECTS | Labor Law
  • 4 ECTS | Commercial Law
  • 3 ECTS | Bankruptcy Law
  • 4 ECTS | IT and New Technologies Law
  • 6 ECTS | External internships 1

Third Semester 30 ECTS

  • 24 ECTS | External internships 2/ Development of Professional Competences
  • 6 ECTS | Final Research Project for Master’s Degree

In addition to the curriculum, students will take the subjects of the Specialization Course in Regulatory Compliance

  • Management of compliance in companies.
  • Procedural treatment of the legal entity.
  • Evaluation and identification of business risks.
  • Design of Compliance Programs.
  • Program recognized in the Register of Training Programs to access the DPO accreditation exam.

More Academic Information

School of Social Sciences

News in Access to the Legal Profession

Law and International Relations Week 2017.

Nebrija University's School of Social Sciences celebrates its Law and International Relations Week with top-level speakers and representatives of the best law firms, companies and institutions in the sector.

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