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Nebrija Research Group

Automotive Engineering

Nebrija Research Group Nebrija Research Group
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Nebrija Research Group Automotive Engineering

Acronym: GREEN

Abstract and Research Lines

Abstract:The group focuses on vehicle dynamics, including analysis, simulation, design, optimization, test, sensorization, vibroacoustic dynamic data acquisition and analysis.
Current projects mainly focus on the recovery of thermal and mechanical energy recovery in vehicles (Energy Harvesting) and in the development of low-cost and reliable electronic products for vehicle instrumentation and data acquisition.

Research Lines:

  • Energy Harvesting in vehicles.
  • Thermal energy harvesting using thermoacoustic systems.
  • Mathematical-experimental development of tyre models.
  • Identification of parameters in vehicle systems.
  • Dynamics of railway vehicles.
  • Minimally invasive and low-cost sensorization of vehicles.

Research Projects

Potential of waste energy recovering in thermal combustion engines. Energy and environmental implications.

  • File No: POWER - ENE2014-57043-R
  • Financial institution: Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
  • Execution period: 2014-2018

Dynamic calculations for homologation of variable width OGI bogie for freight transport

  • Financial institution: TRIA Ingeniería
  • Execution period: 2016-2017

Vehicle safety for intelligent, sustainable, safe and inclusive mobility

  • File No: SEGVAUTO 4.0-CM - P2018EEMT-4362
  • Financial institution: Research and Innovation General Directorate. Programme of R&D activities between research groups in the Community of Madrid 2018
  • Execution period: 2019-2022

Recovery of waste energies from light-duty vehicles.Technological Impact (RECUPERA)

  • File No: RTI2018-095923-B-C22
  • Financial institution: Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. State Research Agency. State R&D&i Program Oriented to the Society Challenges 2018
  • Execution period: 2019- 2021

NEXT generation methods, concepts and solutions for the design of robust and sustainable running GEAR (NEXTGEAR)

  • File No: ID 881803
  • Financial institution: EuropeanCommission. H2020 Programme(Call ID: H2020-S2RJU-2019)
  • Execution period: 2020-2021

Responsable PR

PHD. Mr. Jose Luis Olazagoitia Rodríguez
jolazago@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV
PHD. Mr. Jordi Viñolas Prat Researcher jvinolas@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV PHD. Mr. Ingo Martín Kaiser Researcher ikaiser@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV PHD. Mr. Ciro Moreno Ramírez Researcher cmoreno@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV PHD. Mr. Lincoln Bowen Aguayo External researcher
Mrs. Carmen Iniesta Barberá Researcher miniesta@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV Mr. Alejandro González Muñoz Researcher agonzalezmu@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV Mrs. Sonsoles Garcia Alonso Researcher mgarciaal@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV Mr. Carlos R. Gijón Rivera External researcher