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Smart Tourism Research and Innovation

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Nebrija Research Group on Smart Tourism Research and Innovation

Acronym: Smarttour-INN

Research topics

Summary:Smarttour-INN Lab is a research group that aims at generating knowledge through research on tourism as a spatial, economic and social phenomenon.

Smart tourism emerges from the development of knowledge, technologies and innovative solutions in tourism as well as from digitalization of processes and the creation of high-value products and services in travel and tourism. In this context, Smarttour-INN contributes to generate a more innovative, intelligent and sustainable tourism management.

The objectives of the research group are:

  • To publish scientific contributions in top-tier journals
  • To develop research projects
  • To position itself as a reference in the international panorama
  • To transfer the generated knowledge to companies and public institutions
  • To collaborate with the sector, local society and administration
  • To contribute to social transformation

Research lines: Smart Tourism Territories

  • Smart tourism destinations
  • Intelligent systems in tourism
  • Impacts measurement in tourism
  • New models of governance and public policies in tourism
  • Sustainable management of destinations
  • Digitalization processes and online marketing

Advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence in tourism

  • Big data modelling in tourism
  • Agent-based modelling (ABM) in tourism
  • Predictive models

Research Projects

Efficiency of the Spanish tourism model

  • Funding entity: Escuela de Organización Industrial (2013-14).

Measuring the impact of tourism on the economy, employment and environment at the local level

  • Funding entity: Escuela de Organización Industrial (2015)

REDTUR (Tourism Intelligence and Innovation Network)

  • Funding entity: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Subprograma INNPACTO 2010)

Project of visualization Platform of the Touristic Heritage of La Rioja in 3D on Google Earth

  • Funding entity: Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo (Plan Nacional Avanza 2009)

Other studies

  • National account system and tourism sector situation report. Nebrija University, as part of a collaboration agreement with “Mesa del Turismo”, publishes on a quarterly basis the “National accounts system” as a complement to the Tourism-related accounts of the National Statistics Institute. The report named “Situation of the Spanish Tourism Sector” analyses the context dynamically through a set of 14 variables.
  • Index of Spanish hospitality industry confidence. Nebrija University, together with the Spanish Federation of Hospitality (FEHR), publishes on a quarterly basis a confidence index that facilitates to different companies to express their views on the evolution and sales volumes compared to past time periods as well as future forecasts.
  • Analysis of tourism situation . For the organization “Mesa del Turismo”. Delivered on a quarterly basis.
  • Hotel Quality Index. The research group on Smart Tourism and Innovation collaborates with the company QUERYTEK, devoted to understanding hotels customers’ opinions, to monitor and observe the overall quality of the hospitality sector, which is key for the Spanish economy and society.
  • Rural tourism barometer Nebrija-Clubrural. Nebrija University collaborates in the creation of a report that analyses the evolution and situation of the rural tourism sector in Spain, which offers useful data for companies and public institutions as well as for tourists.
  • Technological solution for digital marketing out of home (DOOH). Based on Big Data for the hospitality and F&B sector. DOOH On Demand (DOD).


Responsible PR

Miren Aurkene Alzúa
[email protected] ORCID GScholar
PhD. Manuel Figuerola Palomo PR Emeritus [email protected] PhD. Leslie Bravo Chew Researcher [email protected] ORCID PhD. Volha Herasimovich Researcher
PhD. Daniela Fernanda Thiel Ellul Researcher [email protected] ORCID GScholar PhD. Aitziber Pousa Unanue Researcher [email protected] PhD. Mónica Figuerola Martin External Researcher PhD. Clara Martin Duque External Researcher