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ARIES Research Group

Acronym: ARIES

Summary and Research Lines


The ARIES Research Center belongs to the Higher Polytechnic School of the Nebrija University of Madrid. Its activity focuses on teaching and research within the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and applied Data Science (DatSci). Thus, it seeks to support different predicaments present in the Industry and at the Research level, in sectors such as Bioengineering, Materials Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. To this end, technological solutions related to data and text analysis, system simulation and the creation or optimization of algorithms are developed.

Main lines of research:

The ARIES research group focuses its research on technological solutions to solve problems related to data analysis, prediction of results, generation of computational models and geometries, and the study of natural language.

Current lines of research:

  • Bio-inspired models: Creation of self-generated organic structures.
  • Additive manufacturing: Generation of non-planar trajectories, custom layering systems, G-Code in-house generation.
  • Computational Biology: Analysis and prediction of cell behavior.
  • Bioinformatics applied to cancer: Study of omic data (transcriptomics, genomics, etc.) and
  • Smart industry: AI as a diagnostic and prognostic tool, application of computer vision techniques for anomaly detection, development of new algorithms,
  • Intelligent maintenance: Application of artificial intelligence for the diagnosis and prognosis of complex systems in sectors such as maritime and port, railway, aerospace and industrial sectors.
  • Artificial Intelligence in the maritime and port field: Development of solutions based on artificial intelligence to improve future development within the maritime and port industry (smartports, autonomous vessels, AI on-board-technologies, maritime climate analysis and AI models in the study of climate change, geospatial analysis in offshore wind).

Head PI

PhD. Nieves Cubo Mateo
[email protected] CV Abreviado ORCID Clara Matutano


PhD. Clara Matutano Molina
[email protected] CV Abreviado Alex Bernadi


Alex Bernadi Forteza
CV Abreviado Christian Velasco Gallego


PhD. Christian Velasco Gallego