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Cognitive Science Center

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Cognitive Science Center

Acronym: C3

Summary and Research Lines


The Cognitive Science Center - C3 is oriented towards excellence research in the area of behavioral sciences. Its scientific work revolves around the disciplines that explore how human behavior is modulated in relation to oneself and to the context, mainly dealing with sciences such as pedagogy and experimental psychology, and giving a highly relevant role to cognitive science and neuroscience. The Cognitive Science Center - C3 brings together permanent research staff from the School of Languages and Education of Nebrija University and affiliated external personnel of first-rate international level.

Research lines:

  • Basic cognitive processes and their relation to learning.
  • Language learning throughout the life cycle.
  • Language management and code change.
  • Cognitive mechanisms involved in reading.
  • Reading training.

Technical equipment:The Cognitive Science Center - C3 has recently created laboratories that incorporate systems of behavioral registration, eye movements and psychophysical responses, among which the following stand out:

  • Behavioral systems based on tactile response.
  • Behavioral systems based on verbal response.
  • EyeLink 1000 Plus eye movement recording system.
  • World Camera Pupil Labs eye movement recording system.
  • Equivital psychophysiological recording systems.
  • Gorilla online experimentation license.
  • LimeSurvey Online Survey License.


C3 Director

PhD. Jon Andoni Duñabeitia Landaburu
jdunabeitia@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar
PhD. Claudia Poch Pérez Botija CEDI Group Researcher cpoch@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Alice Foucart LAELE Group Main Researcher afoucart@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Irini Mavrou LAELE Group Researcher emavrou@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar Ana Baciero de Lama CEDI Group Doctoral Student abaciero@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar José Francisco Rocabado Rocha CEDI Group Doctoral Student jrocabado@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Jose Antonio Hinojosa Poveda External Researcher
PhD. Manuel Perea Lara External Researcher PhD. Jason Rothman External Researcher PhD. Christos Pliatsikas External Researcher PhD. Thomas Lachmann External Researcher PhD. Mariano Sigman Gold External Researcher PhD. Eneko Antón External Researcher

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