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Transversal Studies in Contemporary Creation

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Nebrija Research Group Transversal Studies in Contemporary Creation

Acronym: ETCC

Summary and Research Lines

Summary:There are three areas or lines of research for this group. First, the pedagogical innovation in Arts nurtured in the research of contemporary artistic processes that contain social commitment, exchange with the territory, interweaving art and life and translation between areas of knowledge. A second line is interested in the study of Anthropology of the material, the Historical Recovery of Art and contemporary creation in relation to the teaching of art, fashion and museography. A third line studies the Art system in its aspects of Value, Market, Management and Collecting.

Research lines:

  • Line 1. Observatory of contemporary artistic processes of application to Teaching Art and Design. Contemporary artistic processes of inclusive social commitment through the anthropological exploration of the territory understood as an artistic and teaching tool through drawing, photography, video, sculpture, engraving, installation and intervention in landscape or public space, performance and interpretation of voice and song. History of the performing arts and Spanish photography. Imbrication Art, aesthetics and life in their relations of exchange, memory, imagery, identity and gender. Methods for managing the creative process in design and art.
    Members: Alba Soto, Magdalena Correa, Clara Eslava, Lucía Loren, Antonio Sierra and Celeste Sanches.
  • Line 2. Anthropology of the material, Historical recovery of art and contemporary creation.This line addresses the relationship of the creator with matter and the environment in a path of Anthropology of the material within the New Materialisms, the historical recovery of exile art, female artists, hybrid Spanish cinema with other arts and artist publications. Finally, contemporary creation (painting, illustration, urban art) and digital art applied to art and fashion teaching, social communication or museum space communication.
    Members: Diana Angoso, Amelia Meléndez, Sara Quintero, Nicolás Grijalba and Julio Pérez.
  • Line 3. The art system: Value, Market, Management and Collecting.In relation to the Master's Degree in Art Market and Related Business Management, it incorporates, in addition to Art History, methodologies of economics, marketing, law, management, sociology and psychology. It studies the art system in Spain, collecting and patronage, expertise, cataloging, appraisal, valuation of work and practices of agents involved.
    Members: Elisa Hernando, Luciano Delgado.

Featured Projects

Innovation Strategies in Cultural Mythcriticism (AGLAYA-CM)

  • Ref: H2019/HUM-5714
  • Funding entity: Consejería de Educación e Investigación de la Comunidad de Madrid.
  • Execution period: 01/01/2020 - 31/12/2022

Study on the economic situation of artists in Spain. Phases 1 and 2

  • Funding entity: Comunidad de Madrid/Consejería de la Presidencia
  • Execution period: Phase 1 01/12/2015 to 12/12/2016, Phase 2 1/12/2016 to 30/11/2017

Responsible PR

PhD. Amelia Meléndez Táboas
amelende@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar
PhD. Diana Angoso de Guzmán Researcher dangoso@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Magdalena Correa Larraín Researcher mcorreal@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Luciano Delgado Tercero Researcher ldelgado@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Clara Eslava Cabanellas Researcher ceslava@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Elisa Hernando Calero Researcher ehernanc@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar Lucía Loren Atienza Researcher lloren@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar
PhD. Sara Quintero Pomares Researcher squintero@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar Antonio Sierra Queimadelos Researcher asierra@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Alba Soto Gutiérrez Researcher asotog@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Mª Celeste de Fátima Sanches Soares Researcher msanches@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Nicolas Grijalba de la Calle Researcher ngrijalb@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Julio Pérez Manzanares Researcher jperezman@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar