Research Group on

Economy, Wellness, Business and Internationalization

Grupo de Investigación Grupo de Investigación

Research Group on Economy, Wellness, Business and Internationalization Acronym: ECEMIN

Presentation and Research topics


The Research Group in Economics, Welfare, Business and Internationalization (ECEMIN) was created in 2017 with the aim of strengthening the research impulse of the Antonio de Nebrija University.

From a quantitative perspective, the ECEMIN Group seeks to address fundamental aspects of the economy and business, such as the analysis of inequality, education, economic insecurity, welfare and the internationalization of the company.

Directed by Prof. Santiago Budría, the group has internal and external researchers, national and international in the areas of interest.

The members of ECEMIN accumulate, altogether, more than 40 JCR publications, more than 10 books and book chapters, 7 directed theses, 3 projects of the National R+D+i Plan, 1 project of the Community of Madrid and other competitive projects in the last 5 years.

Research topics:

The ECEMIN group has two main thematic lines:

Line 1. Internationalization of companies

  • Evaluate the consequences of internationalization on workers through the monitoring of wage indicators, inequality, employability, economic insecurity and well-being.
  • Develop a conceptual framework of reference for the internationalization of the company.
  • Identify economic policy proposals that promote success in international markets.

Line 2. Microeconometry

  • Investigate the micro and macroeconomic determinants of economic insecurity, paying special attention to the work, financial and socio-economic experiences of individuals and the context of globalization of enterprises.
  • To analyze the impact of economic insecurity on the well-being of individuals and the decisions of companies.
  • Investigate how individuals' endowments in terms of human capital (education, training, language, etc.) and non-cognitive abilities affect their well-being, their ability to adapt to economic shocks, and their work experience.
  • Analyze the economic determinants and consequences of inequality.
  • Develop and apply innovative quantitative techniques to support and contribute to the development of the line in internationalization of companies.


Responsible PR

PhD. Santiago Budría ORCID GScholar
PhD. J. Luis Garcia Delgado Researcher PhD. Raúl Mínguez Researcher ORCID PhD. Fernando Tomé Researcher ORCID GScholar PhD. Geoffrey Ditta Researcher PhD. Adrián Cabrera Researcher
PhD. Alpaslan Akay External Researcher PhD. Luis Diaz Serrano External Researcher PhD. Carlos Gutierrez Hita External Researcher ORCID PhD. Coro Chasco Yrigoyen External Researcher ORCID