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Research Group on

Economy, Wellness, Business and Internationalization

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Research Group on Economy, Wellness, Business and Internationalization

Acronym: ECEMIN

Research objectives and Research topics

Research objectives:

  • International economics.
  • Business Internationalization.
  • Firm level information on internationalization: big data analysis.
  • Policies and promotion of internationalization.
  • Internationalized companies.
  • Regional economy and global cities.
  • Globalization and localization.
  • Creation and survival of companies.
  • Fast growing companies.
  • Analysis of the economic outlook.
  • Analysis of firms’ internationalization experiences.
  • Business data on foreign sector.
  • Internationalization in emerging countries.
  • International Business Models.
  • Industrial organization applied to the international company.

Research topics:

  • Develop a conceptual framework for the internationalization of the company.
  • Identify entrepreneurial skills and abilities that define business success, particularly in the external sector.
  • Identify economic policy proposals that promote success in international markets.
  • Identify growth patterns of international trade using company-level data.


Responsable PR

Dr. D. Santiago Budría
sbudria@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV
Dr. D. Juan Carlos Campaña Naranjo Investigador jcampana@nebrija.es CV Abreviado Dr. D. J. Luis Garcia Delgado Investigador Dr. D. Omar De la Cruz Investigador ocruz@nebrija.es CV Abreviado Dr. D. Raúl Mínguez Investigador rminguez@nebrija.es CV Abreviado Dr. D. Fernando Tomé Investigador ftome@nebrija.es CV Abreviado Dr. D. Guillermo Badía Fraile Investigador gbadia@nebrija.es CV Abreviado
Dr. D. Alberto Colino Investigador externo Dr. D. Alpaslan Akay Investigador externo Dr. D. Luis Diaz Serrano Investigador externo Dr. D. Juan de Lucio Investigador externo Dr. D. Carlos Gutierrez Hita Investigador externo Dr. Dª. Coro Chasco Yrigoyen Investigador externo