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Research Group on

Security, Risks Management and Conflict

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Research Group on Security, Risks Management and Conflict


Description and Research topics

Description:The Research Group on Security, Risks Management and Conflicts gathers a number of researchers with different backgrounds (Law, Political Science, Psychology, Education and Neuroscience). Such diversity allows an approach of the vulnerability and conflictivity inherent to the current reality from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Conflicts have suffered a radical transformation regarding their main actors, settings, and intensity. A new school of thought is being developed on the means to avoid conflicts –such as the promotion of Human Rights and development–, and about the features of the conflicts themselves and their causes. Likewise, the interdisciplinarity of this research group allows for the rethinking and questioning of the rules and norms of Humanitarian Law, the management of post-conflict situations, and the construction of peace.

Research Lines:

  • Security issues, risk and conflict analysis. The psychology of violence.
  • The transformation of war: Challenges to the global society and diversification of actors. Terrorism.
  • New security and defence spaces: oceans, space and cyberspace.
  • Relation between conflicts and human rights.
  • European Union: Security, Defense and Resilience.
  • Adjudication, Mediation, arbitration and conciliation: alternative strategies for conflict resolution.
  • International Humanitarian Law.
  • Conflict Management and Peace Building. Peace Operations. Peacekeeping. Postconflict Management. Operational Law.


Head of IP

PhD. Carlos Espaliú Berdud
cespaliu@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID
PhD. Sonia Boulos IP Assistant sboulos@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID PhD. Gracia Abad Quintanal Researcher gabad@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID PhD. Juan Cayón Peña Researcher jcayon@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID PhD. Juan Carlos Fernández Rodríguez Researcher jfernanr@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID PhD. Jesús Martín Ramírez Researcher jmartinramirez@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV PhD. Luis A. García Segura Researcher lgarcise@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GSholar PhD. Maria Caterina La Barbera Researcher mlabarbera@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID
PhD. Adela Alija Garabito Researcher aalija@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV PhD. Jordi Regi Rodríguez Researcher jregi@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID PhD. Ester M. Mocholi Ferrandiz Researcher emocholi@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID PhD. Susana Raquel de Sousa Ferreira Researcher ssousa@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID PhD. María Victoria Rodriguez Prieto Researcher mrodriguezpr@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID PhD. Geraldine Bethencourt Rodriguez Researcher gbethenc@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID PhD. Miguel Angel Medina Abellán External Researcher