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Linguistics Applied to the Teaching of Foreign Languages

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Nebrija Research Group Linguistics Applied to the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Acronym: LAELE

Research topics

Objectives:The research of the LAELE Group is part of the interdisciplinary study of applied linguistics. With an orientation based on psycholinguistics and applied linguistics, the LAELE Group main line of research is on the acquisition, processing, teaching, learning and evaluation of foreign languages, mainly Spanish and English. The research also examines the impact of language on various cognitive and social aspects involved in communication, such as emotions. The investigation is based on empirical studies, including behavioural and electrophysiological studies. This general line can be divided into the following topics:

Research lines:

  • Relationship between the basic psychological processes of emotion, memory and attention, and the acquisition of foreign languages.
  • Acquisition, learning and teaching of Spanish in migration contexts.
  • Acquisition, learning and teaching of the lexicon of second languages and foreign languages.
  • Linguistic identity, interculturality and acculturation.
  • Evaluation and certification of language proficiency.
  • Language learning and didactics in immersion contexts and integration of contents within the school environment.

Research Projects

Emoción, memoria, identidad lingüística y aculturación emocional: su influencia en el aprendizaje de español como lengua de migración [Emotion, memory, linguistic identity and emotional acculturation: their influence on learning Spanish as a migration language]

  • Reference: FFI2017-83166-C2-2-R
  • Funding entity:MICINN
  • Period: 2017-2020

La población migrante en la Comunidad de Madrid: factores lingüísticos, comunicativos, culturales y sociales del proceso de integración y recursos lingüísticos de intervención. [The migrant population in the Community of Madrid: linguistic, communicative, cultural and social factors of the integration process and linguistic intervention resources]

  • Ref:H2019/HUM-5772 INMIGRA3-CM
  • Funding Entity: Comunidad de Madrid. Plan Regional de Investigación PROGRAMAS DE I+D EN CCSS Y HUMANIDADES cofinanciado con Fondo Social Europeo .
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2022


Responsible PR

PhD. Alice Foucart
afoucart@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar
PhD. Cecilia Ainciburu Researcher caincibu@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID PhD. Kris Buyse Researcher kbuyse@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID PhD. Anna Doquin de Saint Preux Researcher adoquins@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar Cristina Herrero Fernández Doctoral Student cherrerof@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV PhD. Juana Muñoz Liceras Researcher jmunozli@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID PhD. Ocarina Masid Blanco Researcher omasid@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Bega García Viudez Researcher bgarcia@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV Teresa Simón Cabodevilla Doctoral Student tsimon@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID
PhD. Susana Martín Leralta Researcher smartinl@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Irini Mavrou Researcher emavrou@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Margarita Planelles Almeida Researcher mplanelles@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar PhD. Zeina Alhmoud Researcher zdalhmoud@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar Marta Gallego García Doctoral Student mgallego@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar Luca Bazzi Otero Doctoral Student lbazzi@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar Chi Woei Chen Liu Doctoral Student cchenli@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar Mª Eugenia Flores Meyer Doctoral Student mflores2@nebrija.es Abbreviated CV ORCID GScholar