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for people over 25 years old

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Course in for people over 25 years old

Obtain training for our entrance exam with this preparatory course

Opportunities must be seized. You still have time to become a university student and start the Bachelor's Degree you always dreamed of. You will receive education at a leading University and on a totally international campus, with over 70 different nationalities. Live the university experience firsthand and you will be hooked. Nebrija is the No. 1 private university in Teaching and Employability, according to the latest U-Ranking of the BBVA Foundation and IVIE.

This course will prepare and train you to be able to successfully pass the entrance exam. The program has been designed with all profiles in mind and is adapted to your needs. The course is taught online, making it easier for you to combine your professional and personal life with education.

In this edition, the course and the test will focus on the area of knowledge of Social and Legal Sciences.

Preparatory course

The purpose of this course is to facilitate the study of the subjects that comprise the entrance exam, both its general part and its specific part. Students will have the complete syllabus of the subjects at their disposal (note: in the course the foreign language is "English").

The course will begin on November 28 and will end in March. It will be taught online through the University's Virtual Campus.

1. General module. Introduction to common subjects and guidance on the syllabus to be studied.

  • Spanish language
  • Text analysis
  • Foreign language

2. Specific module. Introduction to the specific subjects of the entrance exam for the branch of Social and Legal Sciences.

  • Geography of Spain
  • History of Spain

Access exam

  • DATE: March 16, 2024
  • SCHEDULES: Pending approval

The university entrance exam can be taken by:

  • Those who do not have any academic diplomas that grant them access to the university.
  • Those who meet or have reached the required age of 25 years in the calendar year in which the test is held.

General Phase

The general phase will aim to assess the maturity, suitability, reasoning ability and written expression of the candidates to successfully complete university studies. It will consist of three exercises:

  1. Text analysis.
  2. Spanish language.
  3. Foreign language (choose between English or French).

Specific Phase

The purpose of the specific phase will be to assess the abilities, capacities and aptitudes of the candidates to successfully study the different university courses related to the area of social and legal sciences.

  1. History of Spain.
  2. Geography of Spain.


  • Spanish Language: 9:30 to 11:00 h.
  • Text Analysis: 11:15 to 12:15 h.
  • English: 12:30 to 13:30 h.
  • Geography of Spain: 15:30 to 17:00 h.
  • History of Spain:17:15 to 18:45 h.

Official Call

University entrance exam for people over 25 years old

Course curriculum

Course Subjects
  • Spanish language
  • Text analysis
  • Geography of Spain
  • History of Spain
  • English

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