Course in Respiratory Physiotherapy in Post-COVID Patients

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Course in Respiratory Physiotherapy in Post-COVID Patients

Society requires professional physiotherapists specialized in respiratory physiotherapy

The global COVID-19 pandemic has left people with acute and chronic respiratory consequences, in need of respiratory rehabilitation treatment to accelerate their recovery, or to minimize the negative effects on the loss of quality of life.

It is known that approximately 12% of patients during the start of the pandemic would require admission to the Intensive Care Unit due to their major respiratory complications. Even though this percentage has decreased over the course of the disease, many of them will remain with respiratory sequelae.


Respiratory Physiotherapy in Post-COVID Patients

Knowledge of pulmonary, muscular and functional involvement

Review of tests and analysis of results: RX, CT, Spirometry, Pulse oximetry, Echocardiogram, Walk test 6 min.

Knowledge of the COVID-19 patient in the Intensive Care Unit

Mechanical ventilation, bag valve mask, intubation systems and ICU operation.

Physiotherapy examination of the post-COVID-19 patient

Exploration and evaluation of lung capacities and mobility of the rib cage. Examination and evaluation of the muscular state of the upper and lower limbs. Exploration and Evaluation of aerobic capacity versus physical activity.

Physiotherapy treatment for post-Covid-19 patients

Pulmonary treatment program and respiratory muscles. Functional improvement and muscle strengthening program.


AM Alfonso Montero Pacios Profesor Director del programa. Diplomado en Fisioterapia. Máster universitario en medicina respiratoria. Máster universitario en Gestión y planificación para directivos de salud. Lugar de trabajo Hospital Clínico San Carlos. Madrid. Rehaliza Health Solutions. Madrid. MC Myriam Calle Rubio Profesora Licenciada en Medicina. Especialidad Neumología. Lugar de trabajo: Hospital Clínico San Carlos de Madrid. Profesor asociado de Medicina de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Autora de más de 200 publicaciones en libros o revistas científicas, e investigadora en más de 80 ensayos clínicos multicéntricos, principalmente en el área de EPOC, asma y VMNI. BM Begoña Morató Bellido Profesora Licenciada en Medicina. Especialidad medicina Intensiva. Lugar de trabajo: Hospital Universitario Sanchinarro HM. Madrid. Dedicación asistencial en UCI de más de 30 años.

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