How to speak in public with acting techniques

Learn to speak in public with the techniques used by actors
Couse in How to speak in public with acting techniques
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Couse in How to speak in public with acting techniques

If you want to acquire the tools available to professional actors to connect with their audience in a practical and simple way, and at the same time be able to enjoy it, this course is for you

In personal communication, how we are able to convey an idea, feeling or emotion is as important or more than the message itself.

We just have to take a look at the media and social media to see that the one with the most knowledge about a topic or the one with the greatest coherence is not always the one who best manages to connect with an audience. Success is assured for those who are capable of persuading, explaining and transmitting the distinctive features of information.

Actors have techniques and tools to maximize the effectiveness of their communication skills. They know how to analyze and prepare a character and represent it perfectly. They are able to speak naturally and forcefully to reach the public, even if they are saying words written by other people.

They project a personality and release the power of imagination. They know how to stay calm, even though there are hundreds of eyes on them. Actors are specialized in connecting with their audience and they know that self-confidence and the ability to communicate well are achieved through practice.

Project a specific personality

Be the architect of your "communicator character" and who decides in advance which are the facets that you should or want to show at any given moment. Through simple techniques, used by the most renowned actors of our time, and through fully active and practical experimentation and in a personalized way adapted to the individual needs of each student.

Introduction to the field of emotions

So that at every moment you can identify them, connect with them and consciously direct them to connect with your audience, influence it and achieve the goal that you have proposed.

Listen actively and be open and receptive to the reality of each moment

Creating a connection with yourself, with everyone and everything around you.


- Gain the confidence to convey a compelling message and offer your audience a meaningful experience.

- Make the experience of giving a talk, exhibition, presentation, etc. be a rewarding experience.

- Provide yourself with your own “tool kit” so that, combining your knowledge, your technique and your sensitivity, you can put yourself in front of an audience with confidence Proporcionarte tu propio “maletín de herramientas” para que, combinando tus conocimientos, tu técnica y tu sensibilidad, puedas ponerte delante de una audiencia con seguridad.


At the end of the course the student will have acquired the knowledge and skills to:

  • Explore your abilities, your inspiration and intuition to discover and connect with your personal way of communicating.
  • Start learning to direct your own impulses and emotions at all times.
  • Connect with all types of audience.
  • Identify and respond naturally to circumstances that arise during interaction with the audience.
  • Decipher and use the different communication languages.
  • Make your talks, speeches or presentations always seem alive, being able to transmit them repeatedly with the same freshness and strength as the first time.
  • Develop skills to overcome stage fright.


Duration 18 teaching hours, 6 sessions of 3 teaching hours. The course is taught online through the virtual classroom of Nebrija Global Campus. The lectures scheduled in a calendar previously communicated to the students are broadcast live with the professors initial teaching presentation and later an interaction with the students to answer questions. The sessions will be recorded for the professionals who are not able to attend the live session, and can attend them adapting them to the professionals schedule.

Interactive sessions through the Nebrija Global Campus, where through practical exercises each student experiments with the tools of acting techniques put at the service of speakers and communicators.

The evaluation of the Course will address the following aspects:

  • The student follows the teaching content.
  • Teaching evaluation of the exercises and practical work of the students.
  • Post-training assessment survey on satisfaction of expectations

Course Program

How to speak in public with acting techniques

  • Communicate with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Exploration and awareness of ones own image.
  • Verbal communication and non-verbal communication.
  • Breathe properly.
  • Relaxation.
  • Prepare and structure the speech.
  • Connect and engage with the audience.
  • Intuition.
  • Connect with emotions.
  • Speak with purpose.
  • Objectives.
  • Tactics.
  • Concentration.
  • Listening.
  • Rhythm.
  • Overcome stage fright.
  • Make the same speech always seem fresh, as if it were being said for the first time.


Blanca Martínez Blanca Martínez Professor