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Course in Academic Spanish Nebrija - McGraw Hill
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Course in Academic Spanish Nebrija - McGraw Hill

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Course name:Academic Spanish

Learning Center:School of Communication and Arts

Center where it is taught: Virtual Campus

Modality: Online with support from the tutor

Duration: 40-60 hours, based on the student's previous knowledge

Admission requirements: General B1 level Spanish

Price: 450 euros
Includes course contents, tutor support and tuition for the multi-level exam of academic Spanish certification (levels B1-B2-C1), accredited by ACLES (Association of Higher Education Language Centers).

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The course on Academic Spanish prepares you to get along successfully in Spanish in the university context. Knowing the specificities and specific uses of the language used in the academic field becomes globally essential for a Spanish specialization.

Learn and reach a C1 level of academic Spanish and you will obtain an ACLES accredited certificate, recognized by Spanish universities for the admission of foreign students.

The program is designed and taught by professors from Nebrija University, an institution with over 20 years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language, applying the latest interactive learning advances from McGraw Hill Education.

Teaching area:

  • Reading comprehension.
  • Audiovisual understanding.
  • Written expression and interaction.
  • Oral expression and interaction.


  • Apply the skills of reading, listening, writing and oral interaction in the tasks of the university context.
  • Locate and understand in detail the ideas of a text and differentiate between its main and secondary ideas.
  • Identify, recognize, interpret and transcribe information and exact data from an oral speech.
  • Differentiate between literal and pragmatic content, express the same idea in different ways and analyze complex sentences.
  • Build and exhibit an oral academic presentation (OAP).
  • Identify the textual organizers, as well as the main ideas of a written text and express the impersonality.
  • The personal interview in the academic context.


Classes and practical activities are taught under the guidance of an expert teacher, together with the support of forums, wikis and blogs.

The course respects the learning pace of each student, so he/she will solve the most appropriate activities for his/her academic performance until they reach the level of mastery they wish.

The student works autonomously to exercise listening comprehension and reading academic texts, he/she will have the support of an online tutor to practice writing and oral interaction.

Aimed at

  • Students with a B1 level of Spanish in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Academic coordinator: Dra. Susana Martín Leralta

Department of Applied Languages and Humanities
C/ Pirineos, nº 55 - 28040 Madrid
Tel.: (+34) 91 452 11 00 / Fax: (+34) 91 452 11 10