Course on Fundamentals and Success Stories in Revenue Growth Management (RGM)

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Course on Fundamentals and Success Stories in Revenue Growth Management (RGM)

Through real cases and notes that support the theory, students will understand the real dimension of a problem, and will see the decision-making process in companies for said problem, which must be solved by the RGM teams.

Revenue Growth Management is a holistic approach that involves the entire company to understand customer needs, identify opportunities and design solutions that add value and increase profitability.

RGM must maximize the value that is created at each stage of the value chain, such as logistics, operations and marketing, as well as in support activities such as human resource management and technology development.

The combination of strategies and the use of tools based on Machine Learning can accelerate the growth of the company and increase its income.

This program aimed at Executives of the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry includes the resolution of real cases from the cereal, beverage and canned industries, which illustrate the experiences lived by real actors in their companies faced with commercial challenges.

Curriculum 2 ECTS

MODULE 1 Plenary Session: Fundamentals of RGM

  • RGM in its economic environment
  • RGM Pillars
  • RGM processes
  • RGM tools

MODULE 2 Business case study 1: Strategic price increase

  • The customer in the new digital era
  • Technical Note: Dynamic Price Elasticity
  • Business Case 1
  • Resolution in Excel
  • Resolution using a predictive price module

MODULE 3 Regional application promotional mesh

  • Technical Note: Dynamic Price Elasticity
  • Business Case 2
  • Resolution using a predictive module of Trade Promotion

MODULE 4 Gain market share

  • Business Case 3
  • Resolution using the tool: Predictive Market Share

MODULE 5 Future of RGM

  • Importance of RGM
  • RGM Challenge
  • RGM barriers
  • RGM Scope


Allan Gamboa
Allan Gamboa

Director of New Business Development at Wise Athena, responsible for the development of new businesses for the organization, in addition to the creation of the education area. Previously Customer Success Head at Wise Athena for 4 years, and before that 15 years Director of Marketing and Trade Marketing for Bimbo in the USA, Central America, South America and Mexico, responsible for all the group's brands and in particular, in charge of Pricing functions and Trade Promotion for the group.

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