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"Language is thus the true center of the human being if it is contemplated in the environment that only he fills; the realm of human coexistence, the realm of understanding, of ever-growing consensus, which is as essential to human life as the air we breathe".

(H.G. Gadamer, Hombre y lenguaje)

The process of social and cultural reception of the migrant population is presented as one of the main challenges of the 21st century, and requires urgent and coordinated action measures from the various institutions involved. Aware of the current challenges related to globalization and migratory movements, and from the basic assumption that language is the first and main engine to build bridges between cultures and thus guarantee proper care for migrant populations, Nebrija University is committed to research innovation in the field of acquisition, learning, teaching and evaluation of Spanish as a language of migration (language of immigrants, refugees and heritage speakers), which will result in a transfer of results to society and in a true enrichment of both the migrant population and the host population.

The Nebrija-Santander Global Chair of Spanish as a language for migrants and refugees aims to bring research closer to society and offer an open space from which, together, share the linguistic and social challenges of migrants and refugees. Thus, it is proposed as a meeting and reference forum on topics related to research on Spanish as a language of migration and refugees in the university field, institutions and companies, in order to facilitate access for users from different countries to its products and training, research, innovation and development activities, with the collaboration of participants from the host community.

Objectives of the Chair

The activity of the Chair revolves around the acquisition, learning, teaching and evaluation of Spanish as a language of migration, that is, the language of immigrants, refugees and heritage speakers. Its main objective is to contribute to improving the linguistic and social care of migrants and refugees from the host society.

Specific objectives
  • Develop and promote research in the field of Spanish as a language of migration with the design of rigorous research methodologies, developing or adapting specific data collection tools that allow for the collection of valid and reliable information.
  • Bringing the research activity carried out in the field of Spanish as a language of migrants and refugees closer to society, by organizing dissemination activities and creating meeting spaces where all the social agents involved (researchers, teachers, sociocultural mediators, Spanish learners as language of migration, and host community in general) can participate and exchange views and experiences, creating a bridge between research activity and society.