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"Because language helps us build bridges between cultures"

The Nebrija-Santander Global Chair on Spanish as a language of migrants and refugees promotes and coordinates activities related to the research and dissemination of knowledge about Spanish among these groups. The Chair will be characterized by promoting the development of innovative and rigorous research that allows us to broaden and deepen our knowledge in this field, as well as by organizing events that bring the results of ongoing research closer to those interested, and the sponsorship and organization of forums for researchers, teachers, sociocultural mediators and learners of Spanish as a migration language accessible through various face-to-face and online platforms, in order to allow exchanges between participants from all over the world.

The activities of the Chair are materialized, on the one hand, in the creation of Nebrija Living Lab, its main model, and, on the other hand, in the different research and dissemination activities that are carried out. Added to this is the periodic organization of dissemination conferences and meetings that reach an increasingly broad audience.

The Nabrija-Santander Global Chair of Spanish as a Language of Migrants and Refugees, in line with its objectives of promoting and disseminating research in the area of ​​acquisition, teaching, learning and evaluation of Spanish as a language of migration, supports the Group LAELE of the Nebrija University in the execution of the I+D project INMIGRA3-CM, The migrant population of the community of Madrid: multidisciplinary study and tools for sociolinguistic integration (ref. H2019 / HUM5772), financed by the Community of Madrid and co-financed by the European Social Fund.

Living Lab Nebrija

The Nebrija Living Lab, as a central element of the Chair, is conceived as a window to the world of research, breaking down the barriers between scientists and the public.

The Nebrija Living Lab, which is the main exponent of the Chair, highlights its ultimate purpose, namely, to promote research in the area of acquisition, learning and evaluation of Spanish as a language of migration and refugees, generating synergies between researchers and institutions, supporting young researchers and becoming an international example in promoting Spanish as a language of migration and research on its acquisition and learning.

With a fixed and an itinerant headquarters, the Nebrija Living Lab enables public contact with science (specifically, it exposes and brings it closer to the processes of acquisition, learning and use of language) in a dynamic and innovative social space. It is also conceived as a meeting point for the target population (migrants and refugees) - access to linguistic support resources to learn Spanish, cultural and linguistic exchange, legal advice, provision of linguistic support -, in turn facilitating the collection of useful data for the development of research in this field of knowledge.

Spanish courses and workshops
Mobile Living Lab

The Mobile Living Lab is a living laboratory whose main objective is to enable public contact with science in a dynamic and innovative social space. Through this tool, it proposes to break down the barriers between academic research and society, allowing the final recipients to approach the processes of language acquisition, learning and use. For this reason, the Mobile Nebrija Living Lab is conceived as a meeting point for the target population (migrants and refugees, but also the general public) that facilitates the collection of data for the development of the investigations carried out in this field of knowledge.

Dissemination days and meetings