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Friends Network of the Chair

The Friends Network of the Chair is a space for collaboration between all types of people and entities that, from a multidisciplinary and transversal perspective, share a common objective: to contribute to the linguistic, social, identity and emotional well-being of migrants and refugees, as well as to the visibility and awareness of the host population in order to promote their full participation in society.

The creation of the Friends Network of the Chair aims, precisely, to establish a space for collaboration and participation of all those who share this vision and thus generate synergies and alliances between all of them/us.

To do this, we offer a common platform where we can share and disseminate publications, projects, events, courses, training, etc. We want the Network to serve as a meeting point so that all members have knowledge of the activities organized in our field and the work carried out by our peers, and thus enable the organization of joint activities and projects, the creation of collaboration agreements in research, hold annual meetings to discuss the challenges we face ... In short: creating synergies to move together towards our common goal.

Who can take part?

We want to invite to join our Friends Network, on the one hand, professionals in education, humanities, social sciences, sciences, visual arts, graphic arts, health sciences, law, engineering, architecture…; and, on the other hand, provincial, national and international social entities, among others, NGOs, schools, colleges, universities, research laboratories, theater groups and, schools, government agencies, and, ultimately, all those who want and can contribute to the common goal: that migrants and refugees make up part of our social mosaic, are one more piece in that mosaic.

  • Physical persons
    All those natural persons who, either individually or as members or representatives of research groups, departments, schools, etc. interested in the Chair's activities and who share the commitment to its purposes and objectives.
  • Legal persons
    Non-profit associations, Universities, Companies, unions, public institutions, research groups, and all those legal persons interested in the Chair's activities who share the commitment to its purposes and objectives.

Join us and connect with all who share a common commitment!

In order to become a member of the Network, click on the corresponding type of person and complete the form:

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  • Gloria Macarena Toledo Vega (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
    [email protected]









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