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The Nebrija-Santander Chair in Risk and Conflict Management serves as a framework for a wide range of teaching and research activities that are based on the interdisciplinary study of risks and conflicts of various kinds, as well as their consequences in the field of Social Sciences, especially Law, International Relations and Security. With this objective, one must delve into its different facets: knowledge, management, prevention and resolution.

The very nature of both risks and conflicts requires an interdisciplinary study, since their causes are present at all levels: intrapersonal, interpersonal, intergroup and international. This necessary breadth of perspectives is reflected in the academic orientation of the members of the Chair, which includes political scientists, jurists, historians, members of the armed forces, psychologists, neuroscientists, educators, etc. In this way, the analysis and management of risks and conflicts is fostered at an interdisciplinary level that involves the use of arbitration, reconciliation, mediation, transaction and negotiation techniques; intervention strategies; conflict mapping; conflict escalation; peace building and maintenance; transitional justice, etc., as well as its repercussion on security and defense, with the consequent civic-military collaboration in the matter.

Objectives of the Chair

Manage all kinds of risks and conflicts, through their analysis from a transdisciplinary approach and with the final goal set in their possible solution.

Specific objectives
  • Study the conflict in its legal dimension.
  • Study the conflict in international relations.
  • Carry out activities that contribute to the reduction of conflict and the strengthening of Security.
  • Develop and disseminate an analysis of the concepts of aggression, violence, conflict and peace and other related terms.
  • Prepare specific and own programs attached to the objectives of the chair.
  • Collect and disseminate the scientific contributions of the members of the Chair.