Study grants for Alumni
Scholarships and Study grants for Nebrija University Alumni

Scholarships and GrantsStudy grants for Alumni

The Nebrija Alumni Club is your professional development community, where you will find support in order to continue developing key aspects of your professional development. Personalized advice, LinkedIn consultancies, job bank, webinars, networking... take advantage of the contacts and the megaphone provided by your University to evolve professionally and personally. The Nebrija Alumni team is made up of professionals who will accompany and help you develop and multiply your talent and potential.

If you have completed your first degree, you can access reductions on tuition of a second degree (second bachelor's degree, master's degree, continuous training) at Nebrija and associated centers, with discounts of up to 20% discount and non-retroactive, forming part of the Nebrija Alumni Club.

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