Nebrija Excellence Program
Scholarships for new students with a good academic record
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Scholarships for Nebrija students Nebrija Excellence Program

Scholarships are applicable to tuition fees at the official price, excluding the concepts of place reservation and enrollment.

Directed to:

New students in Undergraduate degree or UNNE students who have never submitted a scholarship or study grant application.


For the granting of a scholarship or study grant, it is necessary to comply with the academic requirements as well as those of income and family assets, as detailed below:

a) Academic

  • Students who access from Baccalaureate: Have an average grade of 7'5 or higher between the first and second year of Baccalaureate.
  • Higher Level Training Cycles: Have an average grade of 7'5 or higher between the first and second years.
  • Records transferred from other Universities or Centers: average score of 7'5 or higher from the courses that were taken and graded.

b) Economic

  • Family income for the year prior to the year of application: The income of the family unit must not exceed a series of economic parameters defined by the University and are modifiable according to the economic situation. These parameters vary depending on the number of components of the family unit and also differ according to the place of residence, inside or outside the Community of Madrid. You can receive more information by contacting the Scholarship Unit.
  • Regardless of the economic criteria stated, the university reserves the right to decide based on the analysis of the characteristics and circumstances of each case.

  • Table of scholarships for undergraduate students, residents and with income statement in Spain. For information related to these scholarships, contact with
Average Grade Maximum income for each member of the family unit
Average grade in baccalaureate higher than 9 Average grade in baccalaureate higher than 8 Average grade in baccalaureate higher than 7.5 Residents in the Community of Madrid Residents from Outside the Community of Madrid
50% 45% 40% < 10.000€ < 15.000€
40% 35% 30% 10.000€ - 15.000€ 15.000€ - 18.000€
30% 25% 20% 15.000€ - 18.000€ 18.000€ - 23.000€
25% 20% 15% 18.000€ - 23.000€ 23.000€ - 27.000€

Renewal in subsequent years

  • Percentages: The percentage previously granted will be renewed, as long as the academic and family income parameters remain at similar levels.
  • Requirements: Maintain an overall average grade of 8.0 or higher.
    For students belonging to the EPS, a minimum average grade of 7.5 is established.

Request Information of Excellence Program Scholarships

For more general information and the conditions of the scholarship and grant programs click here or call 900 321 322.