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Scholarships and Grants Scholarships for International Students

Nebrija University offers new international students the possibility of requesting aid to study with us.

These scholarships are available for students who wish to apply to undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The maximum percentage of the scholarship awarded to the candidate will not exceed 30% of the value of the tuition fees of the chosen program, said scholarship does not include the cost of the Reservation and Enrollment fees. The amount of the scholarships can increase up to 50% through agreements with other institutions.

Students may request one of the following scholarships:

  1. Scholarship for Academic Record: This scholarship is granted to candidates who have a brilliant academic record, academic merit is valued in their studies.
  2. Scholarship for Professional Profile: This scholarship is granted to candidates based on their professional trajectory, taking into account their experience to access the requested studies.
  3. Scholarship for Women Directors: This scholarship aims to promote the presence of women in top management programs.

Scholarships awarded will not be compatible with other University scholarships or discounts.

The granting of the scholarship is subject to the existence of places in the requested studies.

Instructions to apply

If you are interested in applying for one of the scholarships you must send the following information to internacional@nebrija.es.

  • Scholarship application duly completed and signed [Download here]
  • Motivation letter
  • Documentation that justifies the requested scholarship (academic record, curriculum vitae,...)

After submitting the documentation, the evaluation committee will meet to study the applicants' profiles and assess the award of the scholarship.

In the case of a positive resolution and that you are granted a scholarship, you must make the payment of the Place Reservation within 15 days after the communication of the same.

In case of not making the payment within this period of time, the scholarship will be canceled and you must proceed to request it again.

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ICETEX Scholarships

Send application and documents:

Scholarships and study aid section

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