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Scholarships and Grants Scholarships for Nebrija students

Below we provide information about scholarships, study grants and discounts that Nebrija University offers so that you don't have to give up on being what you want to be.

You must bear in mind that you can only opt for one scholarship or study grant and they are not cumulative to other discounts in any case. For this reason, it is important that you devote the necessary time to analyze each of the options and decide which is the most beneficial for your specific situation.

In the resolution of the scholarship and study grants, both the funds available and well as the number of applications submitted to the call will be taken into account. Complying with the requirements stated gives the applicant the right to request them but does not necessarily entail their concession.

Scholarship for High Abilities Students

Nebrija University is committed to the search for educational excellence with support for students with high intellectual abilities.
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Talent Scholarships

Scholarships for those candidates in the different areas of knowledge of the University who stand out for their aptitudes, abilities, capacities and academic results.
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Nebrija Excellence Program

Scholarships for students with an excellent academic record who wish to start studies in the different Undergraduate programs of Nebrija University and commit to maintaining an average grade of B (in Spanish, notable) or higher during the different courses.
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First Class Honors Scholarship

Scholarship for students with first class honors in the 2nd year of Baccalaureate.
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High Performance Sports Scholarships

Scholarship for students with a sports career during the last two years accredited by the Spanish and/or autonomous Federation.
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Agreements Program with Secondary Education Centers and City Halls

People who are registered as citizens in the City Halls of the northwest area of the Autonomous Community of Madrid with which the collaboration agreement is valid, or with the Secondary Education schools or Institutes with which the University has signed an agreement, will be eligible for these scholarships.
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Bases and general information for all Scholarship programs

The application for a scholarship at Nebrija University is incompatible with requesting other official scholarships that may be offered, for example, by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (MECD) or the Community of Madrid.

In order to keep and renew scholarships it is essential to respect the rules of coexistence of Nebrija University and to not have received any disciplinary warnings. If this situation occurs, Nebrija University reserves the right to claim the full amount of the scholarship amount.

  • The new students who are beneficiaries of the scholarship will have a period of 10 working days from receiving the communication of the concession of the scholarship to accept it and within that period they will have to pay the reservation fee of the corresponding program. The scholarship is considered accepted when the interested party returns the signed letter accepting its conditions to the University.
  • The deadline for applying for scholarships for new students will correspond to the admission period.
  • Once a resolution of the Scholarship Commission is made, it cannot be appealed.
  • Regarding the scholarship resolution, the order of application into account, the temporary nature if this is the case, and the number of applications submitted to the call will be taken.
  • Complying with the aforementioned requirements gives the right to apply for a scholarship but does not entail its concession and it is subject to the budget provision.
  • The scholarship commission meets periodically to process and study all the applications of the interested parties.
  • Scholarships are not compatible with each other and are not cumulative with other types of discounts or study grants.
  • Scholarships are applicable to tuition fees at the official price, excluding the concepts of place reservation and enrollment.

The Scholarship program applies to Nebrija University degrees and is not applicable to affiliated centers or collaborators of the same.

In order to apply for a scholarship at Nebrija University, it is necessary to previously take the university entrance exams.

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