High Abilities Students
Scholarships for new students with a High Capacities Certificate
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Scholarships for Nebrija students High Abilities Students

Nebrija University is committed to the search for educational excellence with support for students with high intellectual abilities. For them, the institution offers a wide program of Scholarships and Study Grants.

If your desire is to study with us, but the level of income is a problem in your decision, Nebrija University facilitates your university access with a scholarship that can cover 80% of your academic expenses.

  • Scholarships between 50%-80%
  • Requirements: High Capacities Certificate and academic record.

Renewal successive years

  • Percentages: The same awarded.
  • Requirements: Maintain an overall average grade of 8.0 or higher.
    For students belonging to the EPS, a minimum average grade of 7.5 is established.
Request Information of High Abilities Students Scholarships

For more general information and the conditions of the scholarship and grant programs click here or call 900 321 322.

Request Information of High Abilities Students Scholarships

For more information, send application and documents to:

Scholarships and study grants section

For new students accessing the University: informa@nebrija.es

For international students: internacional@nebrija.es

Telephone:  900 321 322

Campus de la Berzosa, s/n
28240 Hoyo de Manzanares Madrid.

Scholarship duration:

Scholarships are granted only for one academic year and must be requested again if you want to renew them.