Admissions, Nebrija Residences

Request a placeAdmission process

1. Fill in the online admission application form and send it to us.

If you prefer, you can also download the admission application here, fill it out completely and include:

  • Academic record of the last two years.
  • One passport-size photograph (optional)

And email it to

2. We will contact you.

Once the admission application is received, we will call you to arrange a telephone interview.

3. Carry out pre-registration.

When management informs you if you have passed the admission process, you must pay the pre-registration fee in order to be on the list of candidates for vacant places.

4. Finalize the reservation.

At the end of April, you will be notified in writing of the awarding of places, which are assigned in order of the date of payment of the pre-registration fee, together with the indications for the final formalization of the reservation by paying the amount equivalent to one month's fee and sending the requested documentation.

If you start your admission process in May and we still have places available, once admitted you will have to make the reservation by paying, in a single payment, the pre-registration and the amount equivalent to one month's fee.

Note: The amount of the pre-registration fee and the monthly fee will only be reimbursed to those candidates who have not obtained any of the places requested in Nebrija Residences, or who have not been formally admitted to any study center in the Community of Madrid, prior written justification of said circumstance.

Our reservation process in a few simple steps:

Proceso de reserva