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The Chairs main objective is to promote the implementation of projects and activities that allow for the incorporation of technologies and innovations aimed at the digitization of processes and the creation of products and services in the tourism sector, thereby contributing to the development of more innovative, smart and sustainable management of tourism.

Tourism intelligence arises with the incorporation of knowledge, technologies and innovations aimed at the digitization of processes and the creation of technologically advanced products and services with greater added value in the tourism sector. Thus, Smarttour-INN aims to contribute to developing a more innovative, intelligent and sustainable management of tourism.

Research Activities

Improvement of intelligence systems for smart tourism destinations

INTELDEST project together with the company TDDS: Check for Innovation Program funded by the Community of Madrid, within the framework of the regional research and innovation strategy, for an intelligent specialization (RIS3) of the Community of Madrid.

INTELDEST is part of the research and development in Tourist Intelligence Systems (TIS), as a basic tool for public and private managers.

Smarttour-inn and TDDS collaborate to develop their advanced TIS to generate an innovative service that improves the performance and resilience of tourist cities and regions.

Knowledge transfer

  • System of National Accounts and Tourism Situations Log
    As part of the collaboration framework agreement signed with the Tourism Board, the "System of National Accounts" is published as a complement to the INEs Spanish Tourism Satellite Accounts as well as, on a quarterly basis, the study "Situation of Spanish Tourism", which analyzes the sector dynamically through 14 variables.
  • Confidence Indicator of the Spanish Hospitality Sector
    With the support of the FEHR (Spanish Hospitality Federation), a confidence indicator is published on a quarterly basis that allows companies in the sector to project their business impressions or assessment on the evolution and state of sales in the sector compared to previous and later quarters.
  • Collaboration Agreement between Nebrija University and the State Mercantile Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies, S.A.M.P SEGITTUR.
    The agreements between both institutions attest to the universitys support of the fields of research, academic activities such as teaching courses, seminars, and the exchange of experiences and projects with regards to new technologies and innovation that contribute to the digital transformation of the Tourism sector.
    SEGITTUR and Nebrija University agree to drive the promotion of smart tourist destinations

Scheduled activities

"Sustainability and Intelligence in Premium Tourism" Conference

The Department of Tourism of the School of Social Sciences, with the support of the Telefónica-Nebrija Chair in Tourism Intelligence, has organized next Thursday, March 17 at 17:00h the conference on “Sustainability and Intelligence in Premium Tourism”. The following speakers will be present: Almudena Maíllo del Valle, Head Councilor of the Delegated Area of Tourism of the Madrid City Council; Damián Castaño Vieito, Director of Telefónica in Madrid; Fabián González, Founder & CEO of Forward.travel; and José Luis Rodríguez Gamo, Chief Business Development officer of Green Urban Data, Environmental intelligence for cities.

They will hold a round table in which they will discuss the challenges and opportunities of this segment, the need to incorporate sustainability and tourism intelligence for its development, their experience of working in this field and the importance of having trained professionals.

The presentations will take place in the assembly hall of the Madrid-Princess Campus, and can also be watched online, after registering for free.

>We hope this will be of interest to you, and if you consider it to be of interest to your students, please encourage them to attend in person or provide them with the following link to register.

Sustainability and Intelligence in Premium Tourism Poster

Activities carried out

September 2021
Meeting with the Movistar+ and Open Innovation team