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Director Dr. Miren Aurkene Alzua-Sorzabal Chair Director
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Tourism at Nebrija

Everything indicates that we may be facing a new era of travel that will require the creation of new and updated skills, investment in digital innovation and the review of business strategies. Spain leads the World Tourism Competitiveness Index prepared by the World Economic Forum (2019), but it will have to face a new highly competitive environment.

The people who make up the tourism area at the Antonio de Nebrija University -academics and scientists- take on the great challenge of defining/redefining a proposal with a unique value, based on the triple helix model: Training for excellence, High-performance research team and Transfer with social impact.

We are certain that the talent and excellent training of managers and technicians that make up the productive fabric of the tourism sector will be able to underpin a new era of tourism.

Bachelors Degree in Tourism at Nebrija University [+ info]

Nebrija Tourism Intelligence Research Group. SmarTTour-INN

Smarttour-INN aims to generate knowledge through scientific research on tourism as a spatial, economic and social phenomenon.

Research Lines

  • Smart Tourism Destinations
  • Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in tourism

SmarTTour-INN Research Group [+ info]