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The Chair in Tourism Intelligence was created to respond to the challenges of digital transformation and technological adoption in the tourism sector.

The Chairs main objective is to promote the implementation of projects and activities that allow for the incorporation of technologies and innovations aimed at the digitization of processes and the creation of products and services in the tourism sector, thereby contributing to the development of more innovative, smart and sustainable management of tourism.

In this era of tourism intelligence and digital disruption, one of the main challenges for tourism is to increase the use of technologies throughout the value chain of tourism products and services. The Chair will facilitate interaction and collaboration between sectors and agents in order to underpin the sustainable growth of tourism.

The cooperation between the Antonio de Nebrija University and Telefónica Móviles España will mean clear advances in the digitization of the tourism sector, which is key to the Spanish economy.

Objectives of the Chair

  • Connect academic knowledge and social commitment focused on the development of transformative projects that guide a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient tourism of the future.
  • Generate greater knowledge and increase the use of digital technologies that clear the entire value chain, from R&D to the consumption of tourist services.
  • Promote the generation, exchange and management of data as strategic factors for the competitiveness of companies and tourist destinations.
  • Promote actions to support university talent and the transfer of social impact.


Conference of the Telefónica-Nebrija Chair in Tourism Intelligence

Over the past decade, there has been an increasing emphasis on personal and social health and well-being. Consequently, there is now a growing demand for outdoor activities and recreational spaces. This has brought attention to the role of travel and tourism in promoting healthy lifestyles and extending life expectancy.

HackForGood IX

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Telefónica-Nebrija Chair Awards in Tourism Intelligence for the best Final Project for Bachelor's, Master's, and doctoral theses on the thematic lines of the Chair. Deadline open until July 20, 2024.

Conference of the Tourism Intelligence Chair Network at FITUR

Within the framework of FITUR 2024, the director, Aurkene Alzúa, and the coordinator, Sandra Monroy, of the Telefónica-Nebrija Chair in Tourism Intelligence participated in a conference organized by the Network of Tourism Chairs, of which they are members. They held a meeting with Enríquez Martínez, President, and Carlos Romero, Director of Research, Development, and Innovation at SEGITTUR, to advance efforts toward fostering more intelligent and sustainable tourism.

More news

StrategyHack: How to implement a digitalization strategy at your university

On March 9, 2023, starting at 4:00 p.m. (Spanish time) we invite all university professors to participate in the presentation of the webinar on Digital Education Strategies in universities within the European StrategyHack project developed by UNIR iTED in collaboration with the Telefónica-UNIR Research Chair in “Digital Society and Education.”

Annual Conference of the Network of Telefónica Research Chairs: a D-Day that shows the path to the future

The annual conference of the Network of Telefónica Research Chairs was held, and Miren Aurkene, director of the Telefónica-Nebrija University Research Chair in Tourism Intelligence, took part. During the gathering, the new research chairs on Blue Economy and Smart Ports, Tourism Intelligence and 5G, New Generation Networks and ICT were announced.

Agora Conference of the Telefónica-Nebrija Chair in Tourism Intelligence

The Secretary of State for Tourism speaks at the Agora Conference of the Telefónica-Nebrija Chair in Tourism Intelligence held at Nebrija University

Presentation of the book "Transitioning towards the future of tourism destinations: resilient, smart, and green development"

Nebrija University's assembly hall hosted the presentation of the book Transitioning towards the future of tourism destinations: resilient, smart, and green development, focused on the challenges of tourism in the 21st century.

Telefónica and Red.es develop seven smart tourist destinations

Arona, Badajoz Provincial Council, Benidorm, Bilbao, Cádiz Provincial Council, Calvià and Ourense Provincial Council incorporate digital services that promote tourism and contribute to sustainable development thanks to a budget of more than 15 million euros.


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Telefónica supports the development of smart tourism destinations

The new tourist demands unique and personalized experiences and to be always connected in all phases of their trip. Companies and cities must be prepared for the demands of this new type of traveler.

The Telefónica-Nebrija Chair in Tourism Intelligence was created to respond to the challenges of present and future tourism

Tourism finds itself at a crucial moment. The COVID-19 pandemic and the search for sustainability have accelerated changes in companies and institutions.