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Companies Professional Nebrija

The University-Company approach program contemplates different forms of collaboration:

1. Job opportunities

Nebrija, the second Spanish university in employability and first in teaching.

Nebrija University is at the head of Spanish universities in the field of teaching, according to the latest edition of the U-Ranking, the classification made by the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (Ivie) and the BBVA Foundation, one of the rankings with greater recognition at the national level. Nebrija occupies the first position in the teaching activity together with Mondragón Unibersitatea, Deusto, Navarra and the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

We manage the offers of companies and institutions by sending shortlisted candidates. In addition, students have a coordinator of internships and employment at their disposal that facilitates quality access to work.

"100% of the members of the Alumni Club that contact the Job Opportunities section improve their employability."

How to prepare a good curriculum or what are the keys to successfully having a job interview are some questions that arise in the professional world. The Professional Careers team also helps the alumni to solve these issues with personalized professional advice, which makes it easier for them to integrate into the labor market and to advance within it.

2. Academic visits

In addition, every year companies receive our students of undergraduate and master's degrees in "academic visits".

The Professional Careers department manages academic visits. During the tour of the facilities, the students get to know closely the activity and the different projects currently developed in sectors the various professional sectors.

3. Professional for a Day Program

Through this program, students discover how a professional works in their day to day, they get to know what their skills, abilities and aptitudes are, as well as the demands of the profession in a work day.

4. Mentor Program

Companies can participate with the help of professionals who can dedicate time to mentoring. This program intends to:

  • Promote connections between students and the company.
  • Get in touch with leading executives of the best Spanish companies.
  • Enhance the skills and stimulate the generation of new ideas from the Mentee.

5. Internship scholarship program

CRUE-CEPYME scholarship program, initiated every year by Banco Santander.

This scholarship program offers undergraduate and postgraduate students the possibility of undertaking paid internships in small and medium-sized companies, for a period of three months. The objective of this initiative is that students can complement their university education, bringing them closer to the professional field and favoring their contact with the business world, before entering the labor market.