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New students of Bachelor's DegreeEnrollment

  • Ordinary Enrollment period until July 31
  • Extraordinary Enrollment period until September 30

In order to formalize your Enrollment at Nebrija University, you must complete the following procedures:

  • Deliver in person at the University, or send by post, the following requested documentation that proves that you are in possession of all the requirements established by Spanish legislation to acquire the status of student at Nebrija University.
    • 1. Certified photocopy of any of the following documents:
      • Academic Record of 1st and 2nd year of LOGSE Baccalaureate and University entrance exam card with a Grade of PASS.
      • Academic Record of Second Year Vocational Training and Certified photocopy of the Qualification obtained (or failing that, present the receipt of payment of the corresponding fees to obtain the qualification).
      • University degree or certificate of studies of the first-degree cycle that gives you access to the degree in which you have been admitted to Nebrija University.
      • Students from another university who will continue their studies at Nebrija University must also submit a certified photocopy of their University Academic Record.
    • 2. Receipt of the application for record transfer from the university where you took the university entrance exam or from the university in which you are enrolled, to Nebrija University.
  • Payment of the annual Enrollment of the degree for which you have been admitted.
  • Formalization of the electronic Enrollment process: the Self-enrollment service on the Nebrija website allows you to carry out all the academic, economic and administrative procedures. If you have been admitted to study in Nebrija, you must formalize self-enrollment in the periods that are indicated. For this, you will receive the necessary personal access code and password at your home. Once you have formalized the self-enrollment, you acquire the condition of student of Nebrija University.
  • • Only those students admitted who have paid all the annual registration fees can complete the electronic Enrollment

NOTE: Nebrija University will only reimburse the amount of the reservation of the place and/or the registration fees to those candidates admitted conditionally who had made their place reservation, and who, in the end, had not passed the official requirements for admission to Spanish university. This reimbursement will be done in October, after convincing proof of this situation is provided by the candidate.