Espacios religiosos
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Multicultural spaces

Nebrija University is committed to the plurality of thought, cultural diversity and freedom of worship of its educational community. Students and staff from over 30 countries coexist in the classrooms of the University: a mixture of cultural interests, traditions and beliefs that enriches the life of our campuses and favors the development of our students in the personal and professional field.

At Nebrija University we recognize the role that spirituality plays in the lives of many people. Our goal is to provide an adequate environment for students and staff of the University to live and express their beliefs in a university community that shows respect and sensitivity for the opinions and creeds of others.

Students and staff members of Nebrija University can find a wide variety of places of worship in the city center, very close to our campus. Some of them are the following:

  • Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso (Calle de la Princesa, 43, 28008 Madrid)
  • Parroquia del Santísimo Cristo de la Victoria (Calle de Fernando el Católico, 45, 28015 Madrid)
  • Parroquia de San Ricardo (Calle de Gaztambide, 20, 28015 Madrid)
  • Parroquia del Inmaculado Corazón de María (Calle Ferraz, 74, 28008 Madrid)
  • Iglesia Cristiana Evangélica de Chamartín (Calle Víctor de la Serna, 58-60, 28016 Madrid)
  • Primera Iglesia Evangélica Bautista de Madrid (Calle General Lacy, 18, 28045 Madrid)
  • Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día Beneficencia (Calle Beneficencia 18, 28004 Madrid)
  • Iglesia Anglicana de San Jorge (Calle de Núñez de Balboa, 43, 28001 Madrid)
  • Madrid Synagogue (Calle de Balmes, 3, 28010 Madrid)
  • Abu Bakr Mosque (Calle Anastasio Herrero, 5, 28020 Madrid)
  • Study center of Tibetan Buddhism Nagarjuna Madrid (Calle Miguel Ángel, 7 1ºB, 28010 Madrid)
  • Jhulelal Hindu Temple (Calle Federico Moreno Torroba, 1, 28007 Madrid)