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Students enrolled in Nebrija University in the academic year 2018/2019
[Publication date: september 2019]

Communication Channels

Student representation

The Nebrija University Student Council is the highest representative body of the students. It coordinates and channels the representation of students and is an independent body from any other interest that is not the defense of the rights and interests of the University's students. The Student Council is made up of the group delegates and subdelegates, the representatives of students in the different departments.

General Delegate of Students. The General Delegate is elected by students through universal, free, direct and secret suffrage.

Council of Delegates of the University - Academic Year 2018-2019:

  • President: Panagiota Tsoroni
  • Vice president: Alfonso de Castañeda Calvo
School of Languages and Education
  • Delegate of the School of Languages and Education: Carla Díez Arenas
  • Primary Education: Carla Díez Arenas
  • Early Childhood Education: Begoña Martínez López-Para
  • Modern Languages: Claudia Suárez López
School of Communication and Arts
  • Journalism:
    Delegate: Alejandro Aloy | Subdelegate: Macarena Martínez
  • Audiovisual communication:
    Delegate: José Luis Ayuso | Subdelegate: Alejandro Areta
  • Advertising:
    Delegate: Paula Reverte | Subdelegate: Javier Mencos
  • Marketing:
    Delegate: Rafael García
  • Performing Arts:
    Delegate: David López | Subdelegate: Jordina Portolés
  • Corporate Communication, Protocol and Event Organization:
    Delegate: Rodrigo Díaz | Subdelegate: Pablo Laborde Fernández
  • Digital and Multimedia Design:
    Delegate: Irene Lusi Sánchez Plata | Subdelegate: Javier Guijarro
  • Fashion Design:
    Delegate: Belén Nieto Ruiz de Velasco | Subdelegate: Silvia Gómez
  • Fine Arts:
    Delegate: Cristina Alonso Pardo
School of Social Sciences
  • Psychology: 
    Delegate: Amparo Puente | Subdelegate: Ghada del Valle de León
  • Law: 
    Delegate: Lucía Morales García | Subdelegate: Laura Ariadna David
  • Economics and International Business: 
    Delegate: Miguel Rull Algaba | Subdelegate: Ainoa Agüera
  • International Relations:
    Delegate: Eyre Hernández | Subdelegate: Celia Fernández
  • CADE:
    Delegate: María Luisa Charle Martínez | Subdelegate: Estela Valls Gras
  • Tourism:
    Delegate: Mateo Boves | Subdelegate: Cristina Martín
Higher Polytechnic School
  • Industrial Technologies:
    Delegate: Iván Morán Rossel | Subdelegate: Jaime Fernández Elegido
  • Mechanical:
    Delegate: Marcos Borges Álvarez | Subdelegate: Antonio Domínguez
  • Automobile:
    Delegate: Miguel Benito Checa | Subdelegate: Alberto Lindon Fernández
  • Industrial Design and Product Development:
    Delegate: Nicolás Muñoz de Escalona Berandini | Subdelegate: Pablo Jiménez Chillón
  • Interior Design:
    Delegate: Rubén Rodríguez Lopez | Subdelegate: Sofía Jiménez Morales
  • Architecture:
    Delegate: Nuria Rivero Álvarez | Subdelegate: María Muñoz González
  • Computer engineering:
    Delegate: Jaime Dordio Salceda | Subdelegate: Agustina Agatiello

Tutorial program

Nebrija University considers the tutorial action as a basic component of the teaching activity. Every professor of the university collaborates in the tutorial action, independently of the fact that each group of students has an assigned tutor, part of our educational task is made up by the tutorial action, in addition to attending to each student’s characteristics.

The tutors coordinate the work of the team of teachers that serves the same group of students, favoring a coherent educational practice and a globalizing approach to it.

Among the actions that a tutor must perform, we can highlight the coordination of the evaluation process of the students, facilitate their integration and encourage their participation in university activities, orient and advise the students about their educational possibilities, inform, if necessary, parents, professors and students of the group, everything that concerns them in relation to teaching activities and academic performance, channel their problems and concerns, facilitate educational cooperation between professors and students' families.


The Student Service Center has the main mission to support and help the student during his/her university life, dealing with topics as varied as advising the student in non-academic management of university life, revitalization of the Council of Delegates, scholarships, clubs and extracurricular activities.

This Center, which is present at all the Nebrija campuses, is focused on creating and making improvements in the University services, trying to achieve a better and more competitive institution every year. In addition, it is responsible for centralizing the different steps that students must take to solve certain problems that sometimes affect several Departments and thus expedite their resolution.

Professional orientation

The Professional Careers Department is responsible for developing a link between the needs and interests of students and the demand for students/professionals from companies and institutions through the Nebrija Professional Program.

It has complete knowledge of the academic and professional profile of each and every one of the students, which allows adapting the needs of each of the collaborating companies to the training needs and professional interests of each participant.


The Antonio de Nebrija Foundation and Nebrija University have a broad program of scholarships or grants for study and research, to promote the acquisition and generation of academic and professional knowledge for all those people and groups that require institutional support.
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