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Valid from the 23-24 academic year


General Student Regulations [pdf in english] General Student Regulations [pdf in chinese] Access, Admission, and Enrollment Regulations [pdf in english] Access, Admission, and Enrollment Regulations [pdf in chinese] Disciplinary Regulations Ethical code. Good university practices and the deontological commission Regulations of the University Ombudsman General Teaching Organization Regulations

Development Regulations

Procedure for rectification of minutes Procedure for the Creation and Organization of Non-Official Degree Programs, Continuing Education, and University Extension Certificates Procedure for Evaluation Boards (Face-to-Face Undergraduate Degree Programs) Teaching Evaluation Procedure Enrollment and Evaluation Procedure for the Final Degree/Master’s Project Credit Recognition and Transfer in University Undergraduate or Master’s Degrees Procedure for Establishing an Academic Equivalence for Doctoral Studies Procedure for External Training Internships Procedure for the Teaching of the Subject “Development of Participatory and Solidarity Spirit”(DEPYS) Procedure for Granting Scholarships at Nebrija University

Rectoral Agreements

Granting of scholarships agreement Delegation agreement Agreement on the constitution of collegiate bodies

Regulations from previous courses

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