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ERASMUS+ Training Mobility

Call 2018/2019:

The University has  20 places available  for mobility of training of teaching and research staff (PDI) and administration and services staff (PAS), within the framework of the Erasmus+ Program (Erasmus Plus) during the 2018/2019 academic year until the 30th September 2019.

All necessary information is available in the following document: Training Terms and Conditions

Participants with special needs

A person with special needs is a potential participant whose physical, mental or sensory situation is such that participation in a mobility activity would not be possible without higher or additional financial assistance.

To access the grants established in the Erasmus+ Program for people with special needs in the field of higher education, participants must have a recognized and legally qualified disability, equal to or greater than 33%, as well as comply with the rest of the eligibility criteria established in the program.

To obtain more information about these aids and how to request them, you can consult the following link:

Procedure to apply for mobility

Documents to be submitted by the interested parties:

  1. Application form (Annex I). It is mandatory to send this document in Excel format. First you must download the document and, once downloaded, all the data is entered
  2. Evaluation report of the Dean or Director of the corresponding Department (Annex II).
  3. A written document (e.g. an email) must be submitted stating that the participant has consulted with the host institution about the viability of their mobility, and its response.

All these documents must be sent by email to the Erasmus Coordinator: outgoing@nebrija.es.

It is important to point out that the final destination and the number of days must be specified in Annex I. If a candidate is allocated the place and finally carries out the mobility in another destination, the second destination must be economically equal to or less than the first destination. Otherwise, this second destination can be rejected by the International Mobility Office, as there may not be enough funds to cover this economic difference that has not been established from the outset when granting scholarships.

Procedure and selection criteria

A Commission created in the Office of International Mobility will be in charge of reviewing the applications and making the selection according to the following scale:

Erasmus mobility scholarships received in previous years in Nebrija None 10
1 5
2 or more 2
Years of seniority at the University
(Does not include scholarship periods)
More than 6 10
From 2 to 6 8
Less than 2 6
Group of Administration and Services Staff 10
Group of Teaching and Research Staff 5
Applicability of international experience for the development of professional activity at Nebrija University, according to the assessment of the Dean or Director of the Department (score of 0-10 and assessment thereof). Annex II. 0 - 10

In the event of a tie, the criteria that will break the draw between the candidatures will be those listed below in the following order: (1) the beneficiary who obtained the lowest number of Erasmus scholarships in previous years, (2) years of seniority in the company, and (3) score awarded by the Dean or Director of the Department inAnnex II.


The International Mobility Office will inform the interested parties of the provisional resolution on places by email with a deadline on November 14, 2017.

Once the provisional resolution has been issued and until November 16, allegations may be filed and errors may be corrected.

The definitive resolution of places will be issued on November 17, 2017 by email to the participants of this call. Each beneficiary will have to communicate to the Department of Human Resources the dates in which they will carry out their mobility.

Obligations of the beneficiary

Once the final resolution or any communication received in writing by the beneficiary about the granting of his/her scholarship has been issued, it will be considered that he/she automatically accepts the scholarship if he/she does not communicate his/her withdrawal at that moment.

Withdrawal cases: The beneficiaries of the aids undertake to inform, immediately and as soon as they know the cause that motivates them, of their withdrawal, communicating it to the International Mobility Office and the Human Resources Department. All this so that another candidate can benefit from the aid.

Those beneficiaries who submit their withdrawal in the first round for reasons other than reasons of force majeure may not request an Erasmus+ mobility position in the following academic year. However, those candidates on the waiting list to whom the scholarship is communicated after 3 months from the publication of the final resolution, may request a place for the next academic year, without being sanctioned for it.

The person who is on the waiting list and is awarded the scholarship will have the economic budget left by the person who has resigned from the position, unless the International Mobility Office has an additional budget.

Once the scholarship has been awarded, but before traveling, the beneficiary must:

  • Submit the mobility agreement according to the official model that will be provided, signed by three parties. It can be sent with scanned signature and by email. In the event that the initial agreement undergoes variations throughout the procedure, the beneficiary would be responsible for communicating and documenting these variations.
  • Fill out and sign the grant agreement that will be delivered by the International Mobility Office. The signature of this document implies acceptance of the aid. This document must be signed by both the beneficiary of the scholarship and the International Mobility Office. Only original signatures or electronic signatures are accepted, scanned signatures or scanned documents are not valid. In case of original signatures, it is necessary to sign 2 copies.
  • Communicate the dates of your mobility with sufficient advance notice to the Human Resources Department through the PDI and PAS Portal, according to the rules of Holidays, Schedules, Permits and Absences published on the Intranet. This absence must be communicated in the "Erasmus" option in the section on work absences for periods, as any absence is reported in the University, providing a copy of the grant agreement and the mobility agreement through the PDI and PAS Portal.

It is the candidate's responsibility to manage the application and documentation concerning their mobility, while the academic departments and the International Mobility Office are excluded from this obligation.

Upon returning from your stay, the beneficiary undertakes to deliver the following documentation to the International Mobility Office within the term indicated in the agreement upon his/her return so that the final payment of the aid can be made:

  • The certificate of stay according to the Erasmus+ model that will be provided, where the dates of your stay, signed and stamped by the host institution. It is mandatory to deliver the original document. This document is essential for the final settlement. The date of signing this document must be on the last day of mobility or later, but never before the end of the period of mobility because, if this is the case, the document will be invalidated.
  • Final report that each beneficiary will receive, sent by the SEPIE, at the e-mail address provided in the application.
  • The beneficiary will have the obligation to communicate the use of the course to HR through the PDI and PAS platform with a copy of the stay certificate.

The final deadline for receiving documentation of grant agreements and mobility agreements will be June 30, 2018, except for cases that are duly justified.

The final deadline for the reception of any other documentation of the beneficiaries of the 2017/2018 academic year will be September 30, 2018.

In the case of non-compliance with the obligations established in this regulation, the beneficiary will incur an offense cataloged and sanctioned as serious in accordance with the collective agreement of application (Article 35 of the VII National Collective Agreement of Private Universities, Private University Centers and Centers of Postgraduate Education).

Such non-compliance may result in the future denial of mobility applications and the reimbursement of funds that may have been paid, if applicable.

Deposit of the amounts granted

The deposit of 70% of the amount of the planned aid according to the scheduled days of stay will occur prior to travel once the preliminary documents have been delivered to the International Mobility Office (original grant agreement and mobility agreement signed by all parties). To receive this first payment of the scholarship, the participant must have indicated the dates of their mobility in the Portal of PDI and PAS.

Upon returning from the stay, once the original stay certificate and the final report have been delivered to the International Mobility Office, the remaining 30% of the amount corresponding to the days indicated in the stay certificate as effective days of training activity at the host university.

These documents in turn will have to be uploaded to the Portal of PDI and PAS of HR as is stated in the Absences, Holidays, Permits and Absences policy so that economic control proceeds to make the payments in the terms provided in this section.

For more information: Erasmus Coordinator, International Mobility Office. pRINCESA Campus, telephone: 91 452 11 03, extension 4215, email: erasmus@nebrija.es.