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On this page, we present the basic structure of our international academic offering for exchange or visiting students coming to Nebrija for one or two semesters. To consult and / or download a specific copy of the authorised course listings, click on the name of each degree of the Integrated Program of interest.

Subjects may undergo changes at the beginning of the course.

If you have any queries about our academic offering, please write to us at

Programa Integrado de Ciencias de la Vida y de la Naturaleza (PIVN)

Integrated Program in Life and Nature Sciences (PIVN)

Programa Integrado Lenguas y Educación (PIEL)

Integrated Program: Languages and Education (PIEL)

Integrated Programmes with Spanish Students (PI)

Each programme consists of regular degree courses taken alongside Spanish students (see programme designations above).

  • Students will choose courses from only one programme, which will take place entirely on Madrid-Princesa or La Berzosa, depending on the area of study.
  • Minimum level of Spanish (B2) required.
  • If a student wishes to take classes taught in English, the home university should make sure the student has a minimum level of B2 in English.
  • Our international program is taught in-person, and therefore both lectures as well as exams (mid-terms, regular and re-take exams) require going physically to their corresponding campus and classrooms.
  • Students in Integrated Programmes are permitted to enroll in one semestre-long class of Spanish language study courtesy of our Hispanic Studies Centre.

Hispanic Studies Programme (PEH)

This programme consists of Language, Conversation, Culture and Literature courses offered at all levels, from beginners to native speakers. It is taught at our Princesa Campus or at a support building on Calle Vallehermoso, located approximately 5-10 minutes’ walk away from the main campus. To access this programme, no previous knowledge of Spanish is generally required.

To access this programme, no previous knowledge is generally required.

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