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Nebrija University receives students from all over the world who come to spend a period of their academic training with us.

Candidates need to currently be studying at a partner university in order to come over as an exchange student.

Integrated Programme Brochure Fact Sheet 2024-2025

Nebrija is a good choice because:

  1. We have various campuses in the center of Madrid, and another 45 minutes away at our historic original location.
  2. We’re a small university (around 10.000 students).
  3. The university is noted for giving students individual attention.
  4. We are an active participant in Erasmus+ programmes.
  5. We have a flexible curriculum for international students.
  6. The University has a Hispanic Studies Center exclusively dedicated to the teaching of Spanish Language and Culture.

These programs have been tailored specifially for the greater benefit of international students. Therefore, it is possible that their courses differ with respect to other study plans offered at Nebrija University.

* Generally paid Access only, only free under special agreements

Features of Nebrija's International Programmes

  • Flexibility in the election of courses
  • Academic validity (transferrable ECTS credits)
  • Cultural and academic integration
  • Courses taught in English/Spanish

Nebrija University hosts students from all over the world. These are students who come from universities with Nebrija holds exchange or reception agreements, and also independent students who freely choose Nebrija for part of their academic training.

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