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Study at NebrijaGeneral Visa information

  • Students who belong to the European Union do not need a visa to study in Spain.
  • Students from all other countries will need to consult with the nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate whether they need a visa or not.

In the event you might need a visa, please request information from the Spanish Consulate about the procedure to obtain a student visa. If necessary, Nebrija University will send you a certified letter of enrolment and payment of the tuition fees to the International Programmes Department or through your home institution.

It is highly advisable that you be in possession of your student visa before you leave your country. The process to obtain this document can be long, and should be begun as soon as possible.

“NOTE: Nebrija University is not responsible for delays in the processing of student visas as a result of students having either requested appointments late with the Consulate or having handed in their application documentation to us passed the deadline for each semester.”

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