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Nebrija University maintains agreements with universities all over the world. Every year the Academic Departments, together with the Department of International Programs, review the offer of host universities for outgoing students, taking into account the academic program, interest in the destinations, new degrees, the balance in the number of mobilities carried out by both institutions and other criteria in order to be able to offer Nebrija students the best experiences in our partner universities abroad.

We offer prospective outgoing students different host universities according to their degree. At present, we maintain exchange agreements with the following international universities:

Host universities, International Mobility Program 2024-2025

2nd Extraordinary Round available places International Mobility Program 2024-2025

Host Universities of the International Mobility Program:

In each Program, there may be variation in the international host universities, the number of places available per host university/degree, the degrees that may be eligible for each university and the corresponding requirements.